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How to Make Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

Fabric covered Easter eggs in a moss covered basket next to a cast iron white bunny

There’s something so thrilling about creating a craft for next to nothing! When I saw that Dollar Tree had 18 packs of plastic eggs, I just had to get some for Easter crafting. Today, I’ll show you how to make fabric covered Easter eggs that look high end for dirt cheap!

It’s time again for the monthly Creative Craft Blog Hop, hosted by my friend Andrea from Design Morsels. You won’t want to miss what my crafty friends have been up to this month! The links to all of their blogs is at the bottom of this post.

plastic Easter eggs, three types of blue fabric, hot glue gun and glue sticks

Supply List:

  • Plastic Easter eggs (mine are 1.69 inches)
  • Fabric scraps
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors

How to Make Fabric Covered Easter Eggs

six strips of floral fabric cut to four inches wide by one inch thick
measuring tape showing a four inch strip of fabric
measuring tape showing a one inch wide strip of fabric

Step 1.

To make one egg, cut the fabric into six strips. Each strip should be about 4 inches long by 1 inch wide. Don’t worry if the fabric is frayed.

applying hot glue to a plastic Easter egg
applying hot glue to a plastic Easter egg
gluing a strip of fabric to a plastic Easter egg
fabric strips glued around a plastic Easter egg

Step 2.

Apply hot glue to the top, side and bottom of an egg and glue on a strip of fabric. Repeat on the other side of the egg.

gluing fabric to a plastic Easter egg
smoothing fabric with hot glue against a plastic Easter egg
fabric hot glued to a plastic Easter egg

Step 3.

Apply glue under the fabric and press in place against the egg. Wherever you see bulging fabric, add glue and press into place until smooth.

wrapping fabric around a plastic Easter egg
applying hot glue to a plastic Easter egg
gluing fabric to a plastic Easter egg

Step 4.

Continue to add fabric strips, overlapping at the seams so none of the plastic is visible. Completely cover the egg with fabric and smooth the fabric against the egg with hot glue and your fingers.

trimming loose string from a fabric covered Easter egg

Step 5.

Snip off any loose strings and/or bits of hot glue.

fabric covered Easter egg

Done! This is a super easy and inexpensive way to add some cute Easter decor to your home!

Fabric covered Easter eggs in a moss covered basket and in a grapevine nest

I actually first made these eggs last year for my Blue and Yellow Easter Tablescape.

fabric covered Easter egg on a bed of raffia in a blue glass sherbet cup

Then I used them again this year when I styled my Easter Tiered Tray.

tiered tray decorated with vintage items for Easter


What type of fabric should I use?

I recommend using a lightweight cotton fabric, like those used for quilting. It will be difficult to smooth out heavier weight fabrics against the egg.

What patterns of fabric look the best?

I like to stick with a similar color palette with complimentary patterns.

Where can I find fabric?

As you don’t need much fabric for this craft, check first to see what you already have in your stash. If you still need fabric, you can buy inexpensive quilter’s fat quarters at Walmart. They are already grouped in complimentary colors and patterns.

Fabric covered Easter eggs in a moss covered basket and in a grapevine nest

I hope this inspired you to start crafting for Easter! For more inspiration, check out the other blog hop participants below. Next on the hop is our hostess, Andrea from Design Morsels. You’re going to love her burlap bunny ear napkin rings!

Until next time!


How to Make Fabric Covered Easter Eggs
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  1. Rebecca, your eggs are so pretty. Love your step-by-step instructions. Your styling is awesome, perfect for Easter. Wish I had found those eggs. Happy Easter.

  2. What a lovely idea! My favorite is the yellow background with blue flowers. What a great way to use some scraps– and so much better than the plastic ones. : )

  3. These are so cute Rebecca! I love that they can be reused every year and you can leave them out all spring. Thanks for sharing and wonderful crafting with you friend.

  4. They look so cute Rebecca! I have tons of scrap fabric, I am going to try this, they look adorable on the tiered tray and of course in the baskets and nests. Thank you!

  5. Your eggs are adorable and are so much prettier than plain plastic eggs. Just picking up some quilting quarters is a great idea, and the colors and patterns usually coordinate so well within the packet that you could make a whole basket full or coordinated eggs! I hope you have a lovely Easter!

  6. These turned out so cute! I love a seasonal decoration that can be reused. Love the fabric you used too. Looks so cute in the moss basket. Happy Easter and thanks for being in the hop.

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