Six Favorite Christmas Movies Old and New

Today’s post is a bit different from my usual craft and DIY tutorials. I’ve joined some blogger friends for the Let’s Get Festive! Christmas Blog Hop, and this week the theme is best holiday movies. So, I’m going to talk about my six favorite Christmas movies that I love to watch during the holidays.

A big thank you to Rachelle of My Hubbard Home for organizing this fun holiday blog hop! If you’re stopping by after a visit with Niky from The House on Silverado, welcome! She loves A Christmas Story as much as I do! Now, here are my picks…

Hollywood Classics

I first saw It’s a Wonderful Life with my now husband when we first started dating. It was the first time I’d ever seen him get misty eyed. It’s now our tradition to watch it every year. The plot is a bit complicated, so I’m not going to go into detail (or spoil it if you’ve never seen it). I can tell you that it’s considered one of the best films of all time and the tears you’ll shed at the end are tears of joy. It’s the ideal uplifting film to watch, especially with all of the present upheaval going on in our lives.

The creative part of me cannot get enough of watching White Christmas. The costumes and scenery are just gorgeous. I also love the singing and dancing. There’s comedy and romance. It’s one of those films that you can watch over and over and you still notice something new each time. Plus, it’s eye candy for us vintage loving folks!

Movies From My Childhood

I can remember watching the Peanut’s holiday cartoons on prime time TV like it was yesterday. It was a tradition and part of the excitement of being a kid. The music is so classic and memorable. My favorite part is when Charlie Brown’s friends cheer him up by decorating his sad little tree.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is my other childhood prime time favorite. This story is more in depth than the traditional tale of Rudolph. How can you not love the Abominable Snowman and the Island of Misfit Toys? The claymation characters are so cute. I actually have puppets from the movie that my mom bought years ago. My daughter loves it when I display them on our railing as part of the Christmas decor.

While A Christmas Story takes place in the 1950’s, it was released in 1983. I remember going to see it in the theater with my best friend Meredith and her mom when I was 10 years old. There are so many funny parts and memorable lines in this movie, like “you’ll shoot your eye out!” My favorite part is when the neighbor’s dogs steal the turkey on Christmas Day. Watching it every year brings laughter and a wonderful sense of nostalgia.

New Movie

The Christmas Chronicles stars Kurt Russell as a rough around the edges, blues singing Santa Claus. It was released on Netflix in 2018 and has a sequel coming out this year. My husband and I really enjoyed the heartwarming story line and the action scenes. My favorite part is the jailhouse jam session. Goldie Hawn (Kurt Russell’s real life partner of 37 years) makes an appearance as Mrs. Claus at the end.

So there you have it…my six favorite Christmas movies that I’ll be watching this year. Be sure to check out which movies my friends will be watching below! Next on the hop is our hostess Rachelle from My Hubbard Home. She’s got 10 favorites to share with you!

All the best!

Rebecca 🙂

Andrea – Design Morsels

Niky – The House on Silverado

Rebecca – Zucchini Sisters (you are here)

Rachelle – My Hubbard Home

Barbara – Mantel and Table

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  1. My hands down, nothing else comes close is White Christmas! For all the reasons you mention plus three more. The dancing!!! And the Sisters number. I sing part of it to my two sisters year round, “sisters, sisters..” And then there’s the opening on Christmas Eve during WWII. I cry every time, thinking of my father-in-law captured that night, lost in the Belgium forest during the Battle of the Bulge.

    One you didn’t mention Christmas can’t be without is, The Santa Clause.

    1. Yes, White Christmas is a gem! I’ve never seen The Santa Clause…thanks for mentioning it, Debbee. I’ll be sure to check it out this year!

  2. Yaay – I love It’s a Wonderful Life too – so many great holiday movies out there! I remember those childhood ones, and am excited to watch the newer ones. Love Kurt Russell! 😉 Thanks so much for sharing these and Happy Thanksgiving next week!

    1. Yes, It’s a Wonderful Life is such a classic! There’s nothing like watching our favorite movies at this time of year to get in the Christmas spirit. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  3. I love seeing everyone’s different choices. I haven’t watched the Charlie Brown one in forever but that’s such a great movie. I love White Christmas too, but unfortunately, my family doesn’t agree. 😥 Boys. Happy to be hopping with you today!

    1. Haha! Yes, Andrea, I can see White Christmas appealing more to us women! It was fun hopping with you too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Rebecca, these are great choices! I completely forgot about the Netflex film, strange, because we really loved it and are looking forward to the next one coming out soon.

    Would you be able to add me and Barbara’s name to the blog hop list at the end of the post.
    I would resend the links to you, but the internet is going sideways on me and it been a hit and miss on what I can send out.


    1. Yes, we’re looking forward to the sequel to The Christmas Chronicles, too! Everything has been updated on my end. Thanks so much for putting the hop together. Happy Thanksgiving!

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