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How to Decorate a Large Mantel for Spring

How to decorate a large mantel using tall items, artwork and faux florals

Large mantels can be a design challenge. It’s much easier to decorate a small mantel with a low ceiling. I live in a newer home with a gas burning fireplace and a large mantel. I’ve shared my Fall and Christmas mantel decor before, but today I’ll go over how to decorate a large mantel for Spring.

When we first looked at this house, the former owners had a picture hung above the mantel. While the picture was a common size for artwork, it looked tiny. The scale was off, and I knew we’d need something much larger to make a significant impact.

I know that putting a mirror above a mantel can be “controversial”. Some designers advise against mirrors because they reflect less than attractive items, such as ceiling fans. I’m not a big fan of putting flat screen TV’s on mantels, either. But I had this large white mirror from our other house and the scale was just right.

For my Spring mantel decor, I used items that I already had on hand. I always “shop my house” before I spend money on decor. My inspiration came from this vintage paint by numbers oil painting. It depicts a Spring landscape, and I wanted to build upon it’s theme and color palette.

vintage paint by numbers oil painting of a Spring landscape

The same rules of scale apply to what is used to decorate a large mantel. I chose items that were quite large and tall.

faux boxwood ball inside a tarnished urn on a Spring Mantel

First, I set a tarnished champagne bucket with a faux boxwood ball in the middle of the mantel.

side view of two blue vases and a tarnished urn with a faux boxwood ball on a Spring mantel

Using the rule of grouping odd numbers of items together, I flanked the urn with two blue vases.

white birdhouse atop a stack of old books beside a vintage jug with a faux flowering branch on a Spring mantel

On the left side of the mantel, I placed a white birdhouse atop some old books. I finished the look with faux stems of flowering branches inside a vintage glass jug.

How to decorate a large mantel for 
spring using tall decorative accents, artwork and faux florals

I think it looks balanced and somewhat minimal. I was shooting for a bright and uncluttered look for Spring. What do you think? Now, if only I could do something about that ceiling fan reflection LOL!

Here are some more of my spring decorating ideas:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this post has encouraged you to decorate your mantel for Spring 🙂

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  1. Love the pops of blue and I love the large mirror there. I have a mirror on mine and it does reflect a wall but I like it there.

  2. Your vintage painting looks great in your spring mantel display. The colors are perfect! Here via your party. 🙂

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