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Garage Door Halloween Decorations

Create haunted garage door Halloween decorations with a zombie theme that’s easy, budget friendly and sure to scare kids and adults alike!

garage door halloween decorations featuring a zombie warning with garage doors strung with biohazard tape

Today is all about outdoor Halloween decor! I’ve teamed up with my blogger friends for some spooky inspiration. Be sure to check out their fun creations at the end of this post!

Halloween Garage Door Ideas

My Halloween garage ideas came to me after I stumbled upon some cool but very overpriced garage door decals online. We’re talking two hundred bucks! I particularly love the zombie apocalypse theme and knew I could create something for a lot less.

a box of colored chalk and a package of biohazard tape

Garage Door Halloween Decor Supply List

  • Colored sidewalk chalk – look for some with black, green & red chalk
  • Biohazard tape
  • Thick clear tape

That’s all you need for this project! I got the chalk from Michaels and the tape from Spirit Halloween Shop. I spent less than $15 for everything!

How to Make Spooky Garage Door Halloween Decorations

three bay garage doors

We have a three car garage, but this project will work if you have a one or two car garage as well. I decided to concentrate my garage Halloween decorations on the middle bay.

Step 1. – Write Message with Chalk

Plan out what you’d like it to say on the Halloween garage door. Figure out where the letters will go before you start writing. Mine was a little tricky with the raised panels. You’ll also want to choose which colors to use.

writing on garage doors with green chalk for zombie themed garage door halloween decorations

Step 2. – Outline the letters

To make everything stand out, trace the outline of the letters with black chalk. You’ll also want to fill in any bare spots with color inside the outline.

filling in the outline of green letters with black chalk for zombie themed garage door halloween decorations
garage door with a zombie warning written in chalk

Step 3. – Tape the Doors

Finally, I taped the other two garage doors shut with Biohazard tape. Secure the Biohazard tape with clear tape in a criss cross pattern.

hanging biohazard tape across the garage door
biohazard tape hung in a criss cross pattern on a garage door as part of zombie themed garage door halloween decorations

And that’s my idea for garage door Halloween decorations! It’s an easy and inexpensive way to add some spooky fun to your outdoor Halloween decorations. And of course, it washes off 😉

garage door halloween decorations featuring a zombie warning with garage doors strung with biohazard tape

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  1. Such a great way to decorate a garage door. In most houses the garage door is very prominent so it’s a great place to decorate but usually very expensive or hard. Your idea is both cheap and easy to do.

  2. This is a great way to decorate for Halloween when you’re short on time! It only takes five minutes but it looks as if you spent a fortune on Halloween decorations!

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