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White, Black and Cream Halloween Tea Party Tablescape

Today is a very exciting day!  Why?  I am so honored to be included in a tablescape blog hop with a group of women that I admire.  This Halloween blog hop is hosted by the talented Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate.  Each day this week, there are new tablescapes to check out.  Please be sure to visit every blog for some fun and spooky Halloween ideas and inspiration!

I started to work on this tablescape the same way I approach most craft and decorating projects…I went through my stash.  I put everything on the table that I wanted to use and assessed if I needed anything else.  I had spiders, mice, cobwebs, a black leaf garland and a couple of black crows from my Halloween collection.  I borrowed the white pumpkins from my fall mantel decor.

Most of the vintage items are things that my mom gave me.  My late mom was the other Zucchini Sister.  She taught me to love old things and was my thrifting partner.  I was looking through photos the other day and saw this old clock in the background of my childhood home.  My daughter calls it the “scary clock”, so I’d say it fits right into this tablescape!

The cream china was another gift from mom.  It’s “Eggshell Theme” by Homer Laughlin.  She acquired a huge lot of this years ago, and split it between the two of us.  It’s one of my favorites for it’s delicate simplicity.  She also gave me both sets of candlesticks, the black and white transfer ware teapot and the tarnished sugar and creamer.

The lantern is new and a leftover reception decoration from our wedding.  I found the bust of a woman at a vintage market, and wrapped her in black tulle.  For this occasion, I imagine that she’s a young widow in mourning.

After going through all my stuff, I realized the only thing I needed to buy was a tablecloth.  I also needed cake mix and frosting.  So I went to Home Goods, in search of a black tablecloth.  After a fruitless search of the table linens department, I asked an employee if they had any other tablecloths.  “I have one in black and white buffalo check”, she said.  Did you say buffalo check? Perfect!  Coincidentally, I designed an autumn tablescape in September with a red and gold silk buffalo check tablecloth.  It’s just so on trend this season.

As I put this tablescape together, I loved how the contrast of white and cream came together with the black.  It’s most dramatic with the milk glass cake stand that displays a cream cheese frosted bundt cake and a group of spiders.

Finally, let me call your attention to the creepy family painting on the buffet table.  This is another estate sale treasure that my mom picked up years ago.  She was drawn to unique and sometimes bizarre things.  I strung some cobwebs over the painting to amp up the creep factor.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween tablescape!  There are 18 more creative tablescapes for you to tour below.  Thank you again to Chloe for organizing this fun event.  Happy Halloween!



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  1. Rebecca I love your vintage inspired tablescape! Especially the spider cake. So fun! The rat on the plate gave me shivers! That picture certainly ups the creep factor!

  2. I love black and white buffalo check, but never thought of using it for Halloween. You blended your Halloween elements perfectly with that cloth. The mice on the plates and the spiders on the cake are positively creepy! Thank you so much for joining our blog hop! Happy Halloween!

  3. The black and white with the creepy accents are pure fun for halloween. Love the tablecloth and it’s so classic that you’ll be able to use it time and time again!

  4. Just love your Halloween table with all the special effects, Rebecca. The tablecloth really spoke to me and I had to run to Home Goods and get one! Thanks for telling us where you got it. Also love your dishes and the teapot. The scary stuff is so much fun! And the cake looks yummy despite the spiders!!! Hope you and your family have a very Happy Halloween!

  5. Yeah, that family is pretty creepy and very fitting for the occasion. Spiders on a Bundt Cake? I’m all in! You can never go wrong with buffalo checks and a classic color combo. It’s been great hopping with you this week and have a Happy Halloween!

  6. You had me at buffalo check! I love the spook factor with the spiders, cobwebs and mice! I love that your daughter refers to the clock as ‘scary’. 😉 HomeGoods to the rescue…I can almost always count on them to have a tablecloth I’m looking. Thanks for the spooky fun and fun hopping with you.

  7. Your tablescape totally rocks! I adore the buffalo check tablecloth – it goes perfectly! And the creepy family portrait made me laugh. I admit, I like quirky things, too. Good job!

  8. Rebecca, this is a beautiful creepy tablescape. The buffalo black and white check is definitely in trend as much as it is perfect for your table. The old clock and photo blew me away and I am sure you think of your dear mother (zucchini sister) each time you gaze at it. How special is that?
    I would love to sample your bundt cake except I think I will let the spiders have it as they seemed to have taken it over. LOL
    Good job in presenting your spooky tablescape.
    Always fun to blog hop with you.
    Kari @ Me and My Captain

  9. You had me at buffalo check! Really, though, I love how many memories this table has for you – Halloween isn’t typically a sentimental holiday for most, but somehow this table is just that – so sweet. That painting is uber creepy! Beautiful job – so fun hopping with you! Happy Halloween!

  10. Wow, eerie and scary. Loving the black and white theme you chose. That spider cake looks pretty creepy. Adding the spiders, bats and raven make this a perfect Halloween table. Your guests will love sitting at this table. Loving the webbing too. I can see how much fun you had creating this.

  11. Ohhh, that cake catches my eye first! Love all the spiders on it! I have a love for vintage silver too! What I have was my husband’s grandmother’s and I’m very grateful to have inherited it! Love all your gathered pieces for this Tablescape! Shows you can use what you have to make something beautiful! Happy hopping with you!

  12. Welcome to the group! Your table looks fabulously scary with all the creepy insects and rodents making an appearance for Halloween. How nice that you have so many wonderful pieces from your mom – and that you
    can pull them out and put them to use when you want to. Our family had a scary clock that looks very similar to yours! It would just chime at very random times, it would freak us out, such a perfect addition to your hair raising ambiance. Hope you have a fun Halloween!

  13. Oh goodness, that spider covered cake is Soooo Creepy!!! So many creepy crawling things makes for a Very Spooky Scary Scene! Love the table cloth and all the “found” elements, Happy Halloween!

  14. Rebecca, what a wonderful table with all kinds of treasures to behold! That clock — just love it. How lucky are you to have so many gifts to remember your mom. So clever to include the tarnished silver too. Your mix of the old with the fun buffalo check tablecloth was inspired — much better than plain black. Bravo!

  15. Yum….I would love a slice of that delicious spider cake. So perfect for your black, white and cream Halloween tablescape. I love your use of black and white buffalo checked tablecloth and your touches of mice, bats, ravens and spider webs. The old clock with webbing really adds to the feel of your table. The creepy picture with webbing is a great Halloween find.

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