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How to Create a Neutral Fall Mantel

neutral fall mantel

Yesterday was a cold, wet, dreary day.  I had originally planned to paint some furniture in the garage.  I also need to start getting ready for Saturday’s vendor market.  Instead, I switched gears and created a neutral fall mantel in the living room.

Our mantel is large, white and has a blue accent wall in back.  It also has a huge mirror with a white frame hung above.  I felt that this mantel needed something very large above it to match it’s scale.  I usually decorate the mantel for just Halloween and Christmas.  The rest of the time, the mirror is flanked by two large vases.

pumpkins, pinecones, ironstone, and a grapevine orb on a neutral fall mantel

First, I took down the vases and started looking around for Fall decor.  I was able to find just about everything I needed in my stash.  I really love my stuff.  I’ve accepted that I will never be a minimalist.  I saw a t-shirt recently with the saying “It’s not hoarding if your stuff is really cool”.  I can totally relate!

I wanted to cover the mirror because it’s difficult to take decent photos with the background reflections.  The worst offender is the ceiling fan.  I know it’s functional and keeps air circulating yada yada yada.  I just wish it was a chandelier instead.  There’s one in the master bedroom as well.  Your days are numbered, ceiling fans!

ironstone platter with pinecones, white pumpkins and a bird's nest on a mantel

Next, I hung a large burlap coffee sack over the mirror and I immediately loved how it looked.  I bought the sack at AC Moore for $1.00 a while back.  Unfortunately, it didn’t cover the mirror entirely, so I went to Joann Fabrics and Crafts and bought some extra burlap.  While I was there, I spotted a wreath with a neutral color palette.  I knew it would look great with the other items I’d chosen for the neutral fall mantel.  And it was 60% off!

oil painting of an outhouse

I arranged everything on the mantel first.  I mixed natural materials with decorative objects.  The organic items included pinecones, white pumpkins, a bird’s nest, Indian corn and twig balls.  Then I added old books, ironstone, a small oil painting and a rustic urn.  The woodland candles also made another appearance!  

metal urn with a white pumpkin atop old books an a neutral fall mantel

Finally, I attached the burlap to the mirror and hung my new wreath.  I used FROG tape, which stayed put just long enough for me to take photos.  Unfortunately, I had to take the burlap down afterwards.  If anyone knows how to keep burlap in place on a mirror, I’d love for you to share your secret in the comments.

While I loved how the mantel looked at this point, it was missing a little something.  I went back to my stash and returned with a gold glittered deer head.  I found this guy on the Christmas clearance shelf at Walmart for 75% off a couple of years ago.  I put the deer head in the middle of the wreath, and it was the perfect finishing touch.  It even added a little welcome bling 🙂

gold deer head inside a neutral wreath mounted on a mirror covered with a burlap coffee sack

I hope you like my Neutral Fall Mantel!  For the rest of the week, I’ll be getting ready for a Fall craft and vendor market.  Tomorrow, I’ll share a preview of the items that I’ll have for sale.

Hope to see you then!


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