Chalk Paint Bookcase Makeover and My New Swivel Seat

I bought this ugly bookcase at a flea market the day before my daughter was born.  I had every intention of painting it.  I’d already accumulated quite a few books as baby gifts, and it was just the right size.  I didn’t want a new, overpriced bookshelf that was made in China of medium-density fiberboard (MDF).  I saw the potential in this sturdy, wooden shelf.

So now, over five years later, it’s finally been painted.  I didn’t want a chippy look this time, so I chose Rust-oleum chalk paint for full coverage.  Because it had a shiny finish in a few places, I sanded first with a coarse sandpaper.

After removing the dust with a wet rag, I started painting.  While this paint advertises “one coat”, I knew it would take at least two coats because the wood is so dark.  I used a two inch paintbrush.

Here is how it looks after the first coat.  Definitely still ugly!

This painting project went a little smoother thanks to my latest purchase…a swivel seat that I bought at my favorite hardware store, Harbor Freight Tools.  It’s actually meant for automotive use, but I think it’s also great for painting furniture.  Because it’s on casters, I can easily move myself around the piece I’m painting.  And it has a handy storage tray underneath.

I’ve been looking for a vintage seat on wheels like the one my blog crush, Miss Mustard Seed, uses on her painting projects.  I found one online, but it was crazy expensive.  While I’d prefer a vintage stool for the cool factor, I decided to buy this new version because I’m ready to use it on painting projects now.

Function wise, it has a few more features than the vintage seat.  It can adjust from 15 inches to 20 inches, while the vintage seat remains static at 16 inches.  The new seat also has the swivel feature that’s missing from the retro stool.  And it has a puffy seat, so it’s a bit more comfy on the tush, as well.  It retails for $26, but it was on sale for Labor Day so I scored it for $20.  The vintage one cost more than 7 times that!

After the second coat of paint, it was obvious the bookcase was going to need a third coat.  It wasn’t until after the third coat had dried that I noticed some bleed through in a few places.  I solved this problem by spraying just those areas with Rust-oleum Clear Matte Spray.  Then I touched them up with more chalk paint.  I was glad I didn’t need to apply a fourth coat to the entire bookcase.

And here’s how it looks all done.  It’s going to look great full of books and styled with pretty things in my daughter’s room.

Who you calling ugly now?

With the help of my new swivel stool, this project was a breeze.  It helps with my photography, too, as it puts me at a nice height to photograph furniture.  Do I still want a vintage stool on wheels?  Of course I do.  If I find one at a reasonable price, I’ll scoop it up.  But for now, I’m very happy with my new find.

Coming this weekend, I’ll be setting up a booth at a Craft and Vintage Market.  I can’t wait!  Stop back on Thursday for a preview.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Good job Rah! Touching that you bought the shelfthe day before Rosie came. I like your “Who’s ugly now!” Cute!

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