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Pumpkin Masquerade Halloween Tablescape

Where has October gone?  I feel like I blinked and it’s already half over!  Today I’m excited to once again join my table stylist friends for the annual Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop.  It was just one year ago that I joined this talented group, and it’s become one of the highlights of my blogging adventure.  Many thanks to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate for coordinating these fun hops!

Set a Pumpkin Masquerade Halloween Tablescape with feather masks, dishes and glasses from Dollar Tree, plus plenty of pumpkins and candlelight. #halloweentablescapes #zucchinisisters #masquerade

This year I chose a “pumpkin masquerade” theme.  I had these feather masks left over from when my mom and I had our shop.  It’s quite a departure from last year’s tablescape.  There’s not a spider, mouse or black crow on this table!

The orange ornaments are from my mom’s stash.  She used to decorate a twig “Halloween tree” .  It was fun to bring her tradition back.

I bought the black dinner plates at Dollar Tree.  I think they make the masks stand out.  The vintage silver plate flatware is a recent thrifting find.

I tied the tan linen napkins with jute twine and hot glued a faux floral onto the twine.  The flowers are from Dollar Tree and are left over from my DIY Fall Wreath.

The black stemware is also from Dollar Tree.  I thought it was perfect for Halloween.

The pumpkins in the hurricane are vintage candles from my mom’s stash.

The little jack-o-lantern atop the pumpkin is also a vintage candle.

Pumpkins, masks and candlelight!

Each guest gets a different mask.

A delightful, but not frightful, Halloween table!

Thanks for stopping by today.  I hoped you liked my Pumpkin Masquerade Halloween Tablescape.  If you haven’t already, go check out the other tables below.  You will definitely be inspired!

Happy Halloween!


Set a Pumpkin Masquerade Halloween Tablescape with feather masks, dishes and glasses from Dollar Tree, plus plenty of pumpkins and candlelight.


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  1. Mad love for those beautiful feathered masquerade masks. Dollar Tree always has good dishes and I finally started buying some there occasionally. I will have to keep my eye out for black. I did not realize the pumpkins in the Hurricane were candles but they are so pretty and look different. I love your Pumpkins, masks and candlelight table as well as that huge gorgeous basket of Mums in the background. It is a please to be included in this hop with you.

  2. Love this theme and those pretty masks! Such a good idea! I also love that you brought back the tradition of the twig tree! That is so special!

  3. LOVE the masks, what a brilliant idea! They are wonderful sitting on the black plates at each place! I also love the orange ornaments hanging from the branches and the pumpkins down the center of your table, a wonderful combination of fall and Halloween and just enough scary! Yes, please tell the calendar to slow down!!

  4. Rebecca, I love that you used many of your mother’s things on your table. The masquerade masks are dramatic and perfect for your table. I must shop more often at DT, it seems they have everything to set an amazing Halloween table! It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you!

  5. Beautiful table Rebecca. The masks are gorgeous. How fun to attend a masquerade dinner party. Kudos on the goblets from the DT. An elegant dinner to enjoy during Halloween.

    1. Thanks Linda! I had been eyeing those DT goblets for a while. I’m glad I finally bought them. Happy Halloween!

  6. Oh Rebecca, I love those masks! Ever since Phantom of the Opera, I’ve thought how wonderful it would be to attend a masquerade ball… or sit at your delightful table and put on a mask!

    1. Thanks Debbee! We’re actually attending a formal Halloween Ball this year hosted by a friend of mine! I will be wearing one of the masks on the table. I’ll have to find something a little more masculine for my husband LOL!

  7. This display of the softer side of the celebration is gorgeous. Without using any spiders, crows or mice you’ve conveyed the theme. The black DT plates provide just the right backdrop for the masquerade masks. I agree that the year is flying by and it’s already time to sign up for the Thanksgiving Blog Hop. Time flies when you’re having fun!

    1. We sure are having fun, Sandra! I just love these hops, and I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving tables as well! Thanks for the compliments on my table. I enjoyed creating a masquerade themed table!

  8. Your table really brings out the intrigue and mystery in Halloween. A table doesn’t need to be frightful to have such an impact. I enjoy the allurement of your table with your masquerade masks. It certainly embodies enchantment and enticement. It is great blog hopping with you and have a fun Halloween.

    1. Thanks Marsha! I surprised myself when I decided to forgo the spooky theme. I’m glad you liked the masquerade theme! It’s great hopping with you too! Happy Halloween!

  9. You are so right, you have styled delightful, not frightful table for Halloween. Isn’t it grand when you can re-use so many things you already have in your stash! Those little pumpkin candles are so cute, I can sure understand why you wouldn’t want to burn them, but to save them to use for decor like you have done here. You have proven that you don’t need bats and skeletons to style a Halloween table! Happy Halloween!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I always “shop” my home first when designing a tablescape. I had everything already except the DT plates and glasses. I don’t think I’ll ever burn those pumpkin candles! I usually like a spooky table, but once I decided to use the masks it just came together without the fright factor. Thanks again for putting the hop together. It was so much fun!!!

  10. Great table, Rebecca. I always look forward to seeing what thrifted and/or vintage stash you’ll bring out on the table, and the masks are key here. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it over again, DT never disappoints when wanting to style a great look. You and many other others prove that, time and time again!
    I’m with you on where did October go. It seems we all waited for the temps to cool and suddenly the rush toward year end is on, full throttle!

    1. I don’t know what we’d do without Dollar Tree, Rita! It’s a tablescaper’s dream LOL! I enjoy seeing the vintage items on your tables, as well. I’m hoping November and December don’t fly by so quickly. I want to slow down and enjoy the holidays!

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