$100 Room Challenge – Front Entry Makeover, Week #2 (Wallpaper)

Welcome back to Week #2 of the $100 Room Challenge!  Now is when things get good, as all of us bloggers begin to get our hands dirty and tackle our DIY projects.  If you missed Week #1, you can see my Front Entry Preview and the links to all of the participants HERE.   A big thank you to Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry for organizing this fun event!

As a quick recap, here is what my front entry looked like last week:My task for this week was to cover the maroon wall with wallpaper.  Because there are time and budget restrictions associated with this challenge, I needed to find wallpaper that was peel and stick, in the $50 range, double rolls and that qualified for Amazon Prime.

Let me tell you, the choices were pretty slim.  I would find a pattern I loved, only to find it didn’t check off one or more of those boxes.  Finally, I came across this:I was looking for a wallpaper with green accents, and I was drawn to this floral with vintage flair.  I decided to just go with the feminine, shabby chic look.  When the wallpaper arrived, I was feeling good about my choice and felt prepared to start the project.

I watched a YouTube video about how to apply peel and stick wallpaper.  The first step was to unroll the wallpaper to remove the curl.  I stretched it out for about 24 hours.

Next, I measured and cut the wallpaper to the dimensions needed.  One nice thing about this wallpaper is the cutting lines on the back.  It made this part of the process a little easier.

But unfortunately, that was the only thing that came easy…I wish I could say this process went smoothly and that I’m thrilled with the results.  Instead, it was a complete disaster 🙁

I followed the directions and tried my hardest to make this work, but the wallpaper just didn’t stick sufficiently to the wall.  It started with the air bubbles.  No matter how much smoothing I did with my spreader, the bubbles came right back.

Then, the paper started to peel off.  I actually had to secure the top right hand corner with painter’s tape. I was so frustrated I considered starting over and just painting the wall instead.  But I’d already invested $52.00, which leaves less than $50.00 left in the budget for the entire space.

So I’m going to proceed like planned, knowing I’ll have to remove the paper and start over at a later time.  I’m just going to use this as a learning experience.  Next time, I’ll paint the wall a lighter color before I apply the wallpaper.  There are places where you can see maroon peeking through.

I like how the wallpaper lightens up this space!

So there you have it!  I’ll be back next week with a painted interior door.  Can you guess which color I’m going to choose?

Now check out what everyone else has done below!



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