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Valentine’s Day in Paris Romantic Tablescape

Valentine's Day in Paris Romantic Tablescape with the Eiffel Tower and black lanterns

It was my daughter’s idea to design a Valentine’s Day in Paris tablescape this year. I chose the black, white, red and gold color scheme and she helped by scattering chocolates on the table!

I’m thrilled to once again join my table stylist friends for the Valentine’s Tablescape Blog Hop, hosted by the lovely and talented Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate.

If you’re stopping by after a visit with my friend Kari from Me and My Captain, welcome! The links to the rest of the blogs on the hop is at the end of this post. You’re sure to find a lot of inspiration and ideas!

Valentine's Day in Paris themed tablescape with the Eiffel Tower and fleur-de-lis plates

I must admit…this was the most challenging table I’ve ever designed. It started with my quest to find red roses. I usually find what I need at the Stop & Shop florist, but this time they had every color but red. And I only wanted red roses. Oh well. No flowers for this table.

Eiffel Tower centerpiece, a pair of black lanterns and fleur-de-lis plates on a Valentine's Day in Paris themed tablescape

My second challenge was the lighting. We were having a snow storm and it was very dark in my dining room. You can see the snow out the window in some of my photos. Thank goodness for Lightroom!

white plate with a fleur-de-lis motif on a gold charger topped with a white linen napkin tied with red ribbon

I had just about everything else I needed on hand. I found the fleur-de-lis plates at a thrift shop in the glorious pre-pandemic days. They’re not vintage or a designer brand. I was just drawn to the classic motif.

black and white striped tablecloth with a lantern, black drinking glass, red chocolates and a candelabra

The tablecloth is a piece of Ralph Lauren fabric from my mom’s stash. It’s a heavy canvas with black and white stripes that could be used for outdoor cushions. The black glasses are from Dollar Tree.

brass candelabra with three lit red taper candles

I also used the brass candelabras with red taper candles from my Valentine’s Day Nuptial Tablescape. They’re a little wonky, but still charming 😉

vintage black ice bucket with gold trim holding a bottle of red wine

My vintage black ice bucket with gold trim fit right in, too. I put a bottle of red wine inside. This ice bucket was also featured in my Self Service Holiday Drink Station.

Valentine's Day in Paris tablescape with a black, white and red color scheme.

The lanterns are from my wedding. We now use four of them on the side of the fireplace.

Valentine's Day in Paris Romantic Tablescape with the Eiffel Tower and black lanterns

I purchased the Eiffel Tower centerpiece from Michaels (curbside pick-up). It’s a jewelry holder that my daughter has claimed for her room.

small white stool used as a riser for the Eiffel Tower  in a Paris themed Valentine's tablescape

The Eiffel Tower is elevated on a small thrift store stool that I also used in my Late Summer Garden Tablescape.

Eiffel Tower snow globe

My daughter insisted that her Eiffel Tower snow globe be included in the tablescape, as well.

white plate with a fleur-de-lis motif on a gold charger topped with a white linen napkin tied with red ribbon

I tied red satin ribbons around the white linen napkins for a pop of red. I really miss the red roses! I had the gold chargers and gold (plastic) flatware on hand from prior tablescapes.

red Dove chocolates sprinkled on a black and white striped tablecloth on a Valentine's Day in Paris tablescape

The final touch was to scatter red Dove dark chocolates on the table. And yes, several were consumed during the process!

Valentine's Day in Paris Romantic Tablescape with the Eiffel Tower and black lanterns

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day in Paris Romanic Tablescape! Be sure to check out the other beautiful tables below!

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


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  1. Rebecca – how lovely! I didn’t even miss the red roses! 😉 I think it’s so sweet that your daughter helped too, and get the tower for her jewelry! Black and white with red is one of my favorite color combinations, and you did this so well! I love your ideas – thanks for all of them! So fun sharing another hop with you! Happy Valentines!

  2. I have never been tomParis, so I am going to enjoy it vicariously through your beautiful table!! It certainly sets a romantic mood!! I always have issues with lighting as well, you did a nice job combating the issue! Your black, red and white table combination looks wonderful. It is a pleasure to hop with you, Rebecca. Have a fun Valentine’s Day ❤️

  3. I always know I’m going to love your tables. Love the Paris theme and the brass with black and white. It’s so chic. I want the fleur de lis plates and the black and white fabric. Your design is really original and it looks great. Love the vintage ice bucket too. So many good ideas.

  4. Rebecca, It is so nice to travel to Paris without even leaving home. I enjoyed all of your Parisian romance with your lovely bold table. The bright black and white striped tablecloth/fabric really sets the lovely tone and complements the Eiffel Tower centerpiece as does the black lanterns. Bold and beautiful! The hints of red in the napkins and chocolates and tapered candles really solidifies that it is all about love and romance at your table! I love the fact that you used things you had on hand. It is hard these days for anyone to shop for new supplies, including roses, but your table was breathtaking even without them. Love is in the air….along with the snow, of course. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  5. Paris has always been high on my list of places I want to visit. Hopefully, the world will get right again and that dream can come true. In the meantime, I’ll continue to drool over this lovely table. I love your vintage ice-bucket, finding anything similar is hard these days. Please let your daughter know that those chocolates are scattered perfectly!

  6. Oh, take me back to Paris! Rebecca, I love your theme. I’ve been enjoying thinking about our trips to Paris recently. It never hurts to dream and your table has livened that dream to go to Paris again.
    I love your large Eiffel Tower. I have a silver one.
    So sweet your daughter joined in planning your table. She had great ideas.
    I love the fleur de lis plates. They were a lucky find.

  7. Rebecca, the centerpiece you created with the Eiffel Tower, lanterns, and candles is just beautiful! It’s just as pretty as if you would have used flowers. The snow falling in the background is so pretty. Your table is just lovely with the romantic French theme! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. What a fun theme, and I love that your daughter helped! Your tablescape is elegant and whimsical–one of my favorite combinations! Have a lovely Valentine’s Day! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  9. Rebecca, Paris is definitely a city of romance and I have so many fond memories of my visits, so hopeful we can return. I didn’t miss the roses on your table, I would always choose chocolate first. I love the fleur-de-lis plates and the Eiffel Tower centerpiece. Your themed table is lovely and romantic…Happy Valentine’s Day!

  10. Perfect theme for your Valentine table. After all Paris is known for the city of love! I love your thrift store plates! I don’t think I would put those away! The red ribbon around the white napkins really make the plate stack pop. You Eiffel Tower makes the perfect centrepiece and I like how you have elevated it, making it a real showstopper!

  11. What an adorable tablescape! I love the Paris theme with the black and white mixed with the red…and you can never go wrong with dark chocolate! Great hopping with you!

  12. A lovely French themed table Rebecca. The Eiffel tower included. ooh la la! The black and white is lovely with red and gold. I love these colors so much. The plates are lovely with their fleur de lis design. Love the black lanterns. A table meant for romance.

  13. Oh la la mon amis, what a tres chic table for Valentines Day! My personal favorite holiday table also has a French theme built around the Eiffel Tower — great minds, right? Crushing on your fleur-de-lis decorated plates. Happy to hear your daughter will be able to use and enjoy the Eiffel Tower from your centerpiece; the perfect reward for her inspirational idea.

  14. A very bold graphic display, starting with that fabulous RL black & white awning fabric, Rebecca! I love it! Dollar Tree black glassware is a staple for many tables, but I have yet to pick up a few (even though I almost did on one very quick trip early on in COVID last year). Together with those fab plates (what a thrifty find, and I would’ve been equally drawn to the fleur de lis) and that gorgeous and wide red satin ribbon, you definitely hit the mark for a Parisienne look for Valentine’s Day. Happy February to you and your loved ones!

  15. Très chic Rebecca! Oooh la la, Paris is a wonderful theme for Valentine’s Day, and I love the black and white with red and gold ❤️ The plate stacks and red ribbon tied napkins look great, and of course the Eiffel tower centerpiece takes you straight to Paris! Magnifique!

  16. You carried off the elements of a Paris themed Valentine’s tablescape perfectly! There is a reason Paris is called the “city of love” and a reason so many of us have used it as a muse for our Valentine’s table theme over and over again! Thanks for joining us!

  17. Lovely Rebecca…..who needs red roses when you have so many other beautiful elements??. The fleur-de-lis plates are perfect for your Paris romantic tablescape. Using the black and white and gold is genius and I expect a French man to pop in with his black beret and black and white striped shirt loaded with trays of croissants. Always a pleasure to blog hop with you.
    Happy Valentine’s Day! £

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