Laundry / Mudroom Makeover Reveal

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I finally finished my laundry / mudroom makeover!  Well, sort of.  I fell behind on posting updates because I convinced myself that I needed to stain the butcher block on top of the washer & dryer before I could do anything else.  I could never find the time, help (I can’t lift that baby alone) and correct weather conditions to get it done.  Long story short, it’s still not stained.

Once I got past the reality that it wouldn’t be stained in time for the $100 Room Challenge, I just moved forward and completed everything else.  I will stain it sometime soon, and then I’ll update the post with new photos.  I’ve also included the cost of the poly, sandpaper & brushes in my budget.  I have leftover stain from another project that I plan to use.

So let’s take another look at how it looked before I got started.  You can read the preview post HERE.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t need to buy much for this space.  I found that I already had a lot of what I needed in my stash.  I thought storage baskets were going to be my biggest expense, but it turns out that I had plenty in the basement.  I had a set of three that were white, so I painted the other three white to look cohesive.

before and after

I wanted to camouflage the plumbing and electrical cords, so I made this Farmhouse sign.  I paid $1 for the old piece of barn wood at a tag sale last weekend.  I had the Farmhouse stencil in my stash, along with the paint (Dixie Belle Fluff) that I also used to paint the baskets.

I also crafted the moss decor in the ironstone chamber pot.  I bought 2 packs of reindeer moss at Dollar Tree and hot glued it onto a half circle foam ball from my stash.  The ironstone pot was $4 at Goodwill.

I wanted this room to be functional as well as attractive.  The baskets keep the things that we use regularly organized.  Aside from the usual detergent, bleach and stain remover, there are baskets for sunscreen and insect repellent, first aid, batteries and flashlights/lanterns.

This vintage lidded enamel bucket is for lint from the dryer and other trash from clothing pockets.

I displayed my collection of vintage irons on a pedestal, next to a print of a woman ironing.  An ironstone platter corals loose change.

Now let’s move on to the mudroom section!  The first thing I did was add hooks to the shelf above the bench.  I had vintage hooks in my hardware stash, so it didn’t cost a thing.

I really enjoyed decorating the shelf!  You may recognize some of the decor from previous posts.

The DIY moss topiary trees were on the shelf above the front door.  I replaced them with mini white pumpkins for Fall.  The frosted mirror was another recent DIY project.  The gold pumpkin was part of my Fall Tablescape.

I found the neutral rug at the Christmas Tree Shop for only $15.  I already had the plastic boot tray.

I hung a bulletin board from my old office and placed a vintage office tray on top of the cabinet for incoming mail.

I covered the cushion with my remaining vintage bark cloth curtain.  I will come back and sew it into a cover later.  The floral pillows I had in stock (a prior Christmas Tree Shop purchase).  I found the plain green pillows at a thrift shop for $5 each.  They’re from Pottery Barn!  The plant was moved in from another room.

So here’s my budget break down.  In keeping with my original participation in the $100 Room Challenge, I spent less than $100.  I don’t need to count items that I already had on hand prior to the laundry / mudroom makeover.  Sometimes it pays to be a hoarder LOL!

Poly, sand paper, brushes – $42.85

Rug – $15

2 pillows – $10

Moss pot and sign – $7

TOTAL – $74.85

Now that it’s (almost) done, I love it!  My next goal is to set up a family command center in the hallway outside this room.  I need a dry erase board with a calendar and a section to jot down notes and grocery items.  I’m also going to set up an organization system for the mail and other paperwork, using all of those drawers in the bench and cabinets.

I hope you like how my laundry / mudroom makeover turned out.  I’d love to hear what you think in the comments 🙂

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  1. This looks great; so pretty and organized! I love when spaces can be both pretty and functional at the same time:)

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