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DIY Burlap Wreath for Valentine’s Day with Bow Tutorial

Heart shaped Valentine's Day DIY Burlap Wreath with red bow and white buttons on a blue door

Valentine’s Day is a month away, so it’s about time to start making some valentine crafts. I’m going to start with a wreath, as our evergreen wreath on the front door is getting pretty crisp LOL! This DIY Burlap Wreath can easily transition to another holiday or season with a quick bow change. And it’s budget friendly too!

Roll of burlap, red ribbon, heart wreath form, & pipe cleaners to make a DIY Burlap Wreath

Here’s what you’ll need to make a DIY Burlap Wreath:

  • Wire heart wreath form (Dollar Tree $1)
  •  (1) 10 yard roll of 5 1/2 inch wide burlap (Walmart $4.47)
  • Double faced satin ribbon – 4 inches wide, 1 1/2 yards (wired ribbon works well too)
  • 18-20 pipe cleaners
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • 18-20 medium size white buttons
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire cutter
Burlap on a cutting mat
Cutting a ten inch strip of burlap on a cutting mat with a rotary cutter

Step 1.

Using the rotary cutter and cutting mat, cut the burlap into 10 inch strips. Use all of the burlap…you should have between 34-36 strips.

Tying a pipe cleaner onto a heart wreath form
Three pipe cleaners on a heart wreath form
Pipe cleaners tied on a heart wreath form
Heart wreath form covered with pipe cleaners

Step 2.

Start tying pipe cleaners to the wreath form. Put a pipe cleaner around two pieces of wire, cross and twist. On the larger sections of the wreath, do two outer pipe cleaners and one inner pipe cleaner. The top and bottom sections of the heart form only need one inner and one outer pipe cleaner.

hands scrunching a strip of burlap
pinching a strip of burlap in the middle with fingers

Step 3.

Pull a piece of burlap toward yourself with your fingers and pinch it in the middle. It will be scrunched up and it will look like a flower.

tying a burlap flower to a heart wreath form with pipe cleaners

Step 4.

Attach the burlap to an outer pipe cleaner on the wreath form. Twist the pipe cleaner around the middle of the burlap “flower”. Make another burlap flower, put it on top of the first flower and attach with the pipe cleaner.

heart wreath form halfway covered with burlap flowers
heart wreath form covered with burlap flowers to make a DIY burlap wreath

Step 5.

Continue to attach two burlap flowers to each pipe cleaner on the wreath. Do the outer pipe cleaners first, then move on to the inner pipe cleaners. If you find a section that seems sparse, add another pipe cleaner and two burlap flowers. I added an extra one myself. Now fluff the wreath! You can adjust the position of the pipe cleaners underneath if needed to make it look even and full.

trimming pipe cleaners with wire cutters on a DIY burlap wreath

Step 6.

Trim off the excess pipe cleaners with a wire cutting tool. I tucked the cut ends under.

hot gluing a button onto a DIY burlap wreath

Step 7.

Hot glue white buttons onto all of the pipe cleaner “stubs”. This step is optional…if you purchase pipe cleaners that are the same color as the burlap, the stubs will blend into the wreath. I just love buttons and I like how they look on this wreath!

Now let’s get to the second part of the DIY Burlap Wreath…


four strips of cut red ribbon for a DIY bow

Step 1.

Use the rotary cutter and cutting mat to cut the ribbon to these sizes:

  • (1) 6″ 
  • (1) 12″
  • (2) 16″
applying hot glue to a red ribbon
folding over a red ribbon and gluing in place with hot glue
folded and glued red ribbon

Step 2.

Apply hot glue to the end of one of the 16″ ribbons. Bring the other end of the ribbon over, tuck it under and glue in place. Repeat with the 12″ ribbon.

two red ribbons for bow tutorial
scrunching two red ribbons together to form a bow
pinching two red ribbons in the middle to form a bow
attaching a pipe cleaner in the middle of a red bow

Step 3.

Place the 12″ ribbon loop on top of the 16″ loop. Pinch it in the middle to create a bow. Secure with a pipe cleaner and twist it in the back.

pinching a red ribbon in the middle to form tails
cutting the end of a bow tail to create dovetails

Step 4.

To create tails, take the other 16″ piece of ribbon and pinch it in the middle. Attach it to the bottom of the bow with the pipe cleaner. To make a dovetail, fold the ribbon in half and make a diagonal cut from the corner to the fold.

folded piece of red ribbon
double fold of red ribbon secured with hot glue
gluing red ribbon around middle of bow to hide pipe cleaner

Step 5.

Fold the 6″ piece of ribbon in half and secure with hot glue. Fold it again and secure with more glue. Wrap it around the middle of the bow to cover the pipe cleaner. Trim the excess ribbon and secure at the back of the bow with hot glue.

DIY burlap wreath with red bow and white buttons

Step 6.

Attach the bow to the wreath form with the pipe cleaner. Congrats! You’re all done with your DIY Burlap Wreath!

Heart shaped Valentine's Day DIY burlap wreath with red bow and white buttons on a blue door
DIY Burlap Wreath with red bow and white buttons

Can you believe I made this for under 10 bucks! If you like my DIY Burlap Wreath, you may want to check out my other budget DIY wreath projects: DIY Neutral Pom Pom Holiday Wreath, DIY Dollar Tree Fall Wreath for Less Than $20, Rustic Frame Christmas Wreath.

Now don’t go anywhere, as I’ve got even more Valentine’s Day inspiration to share! Check out the links below to see what my blogger friends have been making for Valentine’s Day!

XOXO Rebecca

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  1. This is a great burlap wreath tutorial it can be used all year. I am going to give it a try!
    Happy New Year,

  2. Darling Valentine’s Day wreath! You have such great tutorials and they are always so easy to follow:)

  3. Rebecca,
    Thank you for sharing your DIY Burlap Wreath. Your tutorial is fantastic and I think I can try to make one with the easy steps you set out. Thanks for sharing!

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