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Patriotic Tablescape Inspired by Vintage Enamelware

Hi friends!  It’s time once again for another tablescape blog hop.  This month we will be featuring tables with Patriotic themes.  Not only has the 4th of July been represented, but we’ve also had tables that celebrate Canada Day, Bastille Day and a table honoring Italian pride and heritage!  If you haven’t already, be sure to click on the links below to view all of the festive tables.  I’d also like to thank Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate, who graciously coordinates these fun blog hops.  Now, I can’t wait to share my Patriotic Tablescape with you!

If you’re coming over from visiting Cecilia at My Thrift Store Addiction, welcome!  This month’s table styling was a bit more challenging than usual for me.  I have to admit that decor with red, white and blue is not my preferred color combination.  My friend Julie, who blogs at My Wee Abode, feels the same way.  She wrote a post about it that you can check out HERE.  I can do blue and white, like I did for last month’s Nautical Summer Tablescape, but adding red gets a little trickier. Fortunately, things have a way of coming together.  It all began when I chose my vintage aluminum food carrier as my inspiration piece.

The carrier was gifted to me by my mom years ago.  It’s been perched atop a bookshelf in my living room alongside a vintage Scotch Cooler and a vintage picnic basket.  It’s never been used and still has the original label!

Once I decided on a vintage 4th of July picnic them, I started combing through my stash for coordinating items.  My 1950’s vintage floral print tablecloth was too small to cover the whole table, but the colors were perfect.  I layered it atop a white vintage chenille bedspread that I “borrowed” from my daughter’s bed.  You can see it in her ballerina bedroom post HERE.

I had the rectangular vintage enamelware tray on hand, and I filled it with fresh strawberries and blueberries.  I placed it on a large round aluminum tray that I found at a thrift shop for $5.00.

Years ago, my mom and I found painted aluminum buckets at the Christmas Tree Shop.  We came upon a huge display of buckets and my mom said “I feel a bulk purchase coming on”.  Needless to say, I still have quite a few in my stash!  I tucked two white Snow Princess Alyssum annuals inside the red bucket and added three American flags.

Some other vintage items that I added to the tray are a red salt and pepper shaker and a bottle opener.  I also sprinkled red, white and blue stars and mini flags around the tray.  I also used these mini flags in my DIY Patriotic Wreath.

The centerpiece also includes a candle.  Because it’s in a mason jar, it has a casual feeling that’s perfect for a picnic.

I really wanted to find some enamelware plates with blue or red rims.  To me, enamelware is the epitome of a casual summer picnic.  I searched Homegoods, Pier One, the Christmas Tree Shop, & Target.

I was about to give up, but decided to try Bed Bath and Beyond.  I came upon these plates which are not enamelware but can pass for it in photos.  At $6.00 each, I decided they were my best shot.  Our everyday white dinner plates are pretty beat up, so these are a nice upgrade.

The napkins are a recent thrifting score.  I got six of them for $3.00.  I knew the Patriotic Tablescape Blog Hop was coming up and I bought them just for this table.  The red handled flatware was from my mom’s stash.

The pies are the $1.00 Table Talk variety.  Don’t they look cute (and yummy) at each place setting with a mini American flag?

I placed some Peppermint Patties in a blue glass candy dish.  While I chose them for the blue and silver packaging that coordinates with my patriotic tablescape, Peppermint Patties happen to be one of my favorite treats.  I always have a bag in my freezer!

I’m so glad they still make Coca Cola is glass bottles!  I found these at Target and learned that they’re imported from Mexico.  It was worth paying a little extra for the retro look.  An ice cold Coke definitely tastes better in a glass bottle!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope you enjoyed my Patriotic Tablescape.  The next (and last) table on the hop is designed by Michelle at Our Crafty Mom.

Be sure to visit all of the beautiful tablescapes.  They’re so unique and inspiring!

Happy 4th of July!


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  1. Rebecca, I love your tablescape! The vintage food carrier you used as inspiration is perfect. I adore all of your vintage finds and how you paired your tablecloth with your daughter’s bedspread. So clever! All of your fun and festive touches came together beautifully!

  2. Your patriotic tablescape looks so sweet, Rebecca! You’re all set for the 4th! Thanks for sharing it with us at Tuesday Turn About!

  3. That food carrier is to die for! It’s wonderful! How fun to have that inspire your table! I love the vintage table cloth and how you layered it! All so pretty! I love the little pies!! No need to be afraid of red anymore! You do red, white and blue beautifully!!

  4. Recca, your vintage red, white and blue cooler was the perfect inspiration for this tablescape. The enamelware plates look like the real thing and are a great compliment to the napkins you found. The alyssum is a great plant for white! Happy 4th and happy to be hopping with you.

  5. Vintage love Rebecca! I have table topper envy (perfect atop the chenille coverlet) and what an so fun triple decker food carrier! I had to chuckle at the packaging exclaiming it “a housewife’s dream!” It is a dreamy vintage find and gift from your mom for celebrating the red, white and blue. 😉 As always it’s a treat to blog hop with you. Happy 4th!

  6. Rebecca, I love the enamel food carrier that was your inspiration. I am crazy for the 1950’s tablecloth and it really sings in the overhead shot. You did an outstanding job for someone who doesn’t do red, white, and blue. It is a pleasure blog hopping with you!

  7. Rebecca, what a fun 4th of July tablescape! I LOVE that vintage triple decker food carrier. That really is neat! In fact, all your vintage touches really are charming! The table throw and enamelware filled with red and blue fruit is perfect. The enamel bucket filled with tiny white flowers and flags is the perfect centrepiece for your patriotic table! Well done 🙂

  8. I can see why that adorable food carrier inspired your vintage picnic! It is fantastic! The blue edged plates are perfect for your picnic, and I love the flag studded little pies! Your setting just feels like good ole summer time!

  9. Perfectly coordinated. Love the enamelware food carrier. What a fun vintage tablescape. Great job with the red, white and blue. One wouldn’t know it;s not your choice of colors. Great napkins and truly a great find. A pleasure to see your inspiration. Happy summer and happy 4th

  10. Rebecca, congratulations! You did a wonderful job on your Patriotic Tablescape for someone who doesn’t like red, white and blue. Happy 4th

  11. Rebecca, I love your red, white and blue….especially your food carrier. So pretty. No one would guess (unless they were sitting at your table) that your plates were not enamel…they certainly look like it. I don’t think one can go wrong in setting out coke cola’s on a patriotic table. I bought mine at Target along with cream sodas. soooooo good. The red, white and blue tablecloth is perfect on an angle with white bedspread. What we don’t do for a tablescape, huh? LOL
    I am so looking forward to you joining us on CYS next week.
    Hugs, Kari

  12. Your enamelware food carrier is such a classic and so perfect for the 4th of July! I would never have been able to tell that the plates weren’t enamel, also. I know Pottery Barn has some cute enamelware this year for the holiday and I was really tempted, but resisted. The napkins are perfect, and what a buy! The tray and the bucket set the scene for your patriotic table, and how cute something so simple as a little flag tucked into a little pie is! Thank you for joining in another hop! I look forward to you joining Celebrate Your Story on Monday!!

  13. I am swooning over the vintage bottle opener. I remember one just like it from my youth and we did know how to use it to open those Coke bottles on the rare occasion we were treated with them. I love your 50’s floral tablecloth and it is the perfect base for all of your decor. It doesn’t seem like it was a challenge in any way. It all came together beautifully and I love all of the vintage touches. If you hadn’t said otherwise, I would have thought the dishes were enamelware!

  14. Rebecca, for someone who doesn’t do a lot of red, white & blue (and btw, I’m in your company), you sure did a bang up job on this table. It is full of vintage and vintage looking fun! What a great food carrier to jumpstart the inspiration. I love the napkins, too (great score!). All the little nods with food & drink are perfect choices. How fun, and it all turned out so well coordinated, with a definite patriotic mood. You’re all set!

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