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DIY Frosted Mirror from Thrift Store Artwork

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How many times have you seen artwork at Goodwill that has a frame in good condition but the picture inside is ugly?  Most get passed by for something more attractive.  This month, my blogging friends from the At Home DIY Challenge are creating decor in under two hours.  My DIY Frosted Mirror is a quick and inexpensive way to upcycle an old print into stylish home decor.

I started with this old framed floral print that was in my stash.

The print was in bad shape but the frame, while beat up, was sturdy and the glass was intact.

The first step is to remove the print and glass from the frame.  Turn the frame over to to see how it’s held in place.

Mine had brad nails keeping it together.  I pushed the nails up with a screwdriver so I could lift out the print and glass.  It’s a good idea to wear gloves as the glass is very sharp!

After you’ve removed the glass, clean it thoroughly with glass cleaner.  Wipe down the frame, too.  I either use Dixie Belle White Lightning, or a mixture of half rubbing alcohol & half water.

Next, paint the cardboard backing with black paint.  I just used a water based acrylic enamel that I had on hand.  Discard the artwork (unless you want to keep it!).  I just painted one coat and set it aside.

Now it’s time to freshen up the frame.  I used gold craft spray paint that I had in my stash.

I sprayed one coat on the frame until it was evenly covered.

I was so excited to use my new Wagner Spray Shelter!

Finally I was ready to create the “frosty” looking mirror.  To get this look, you’ll need a can of Mirror Effect spray paint by Rust-Oleum.

To get the desired effect, you’ll need to apply three coats.  The good news is that you only need to wait a minute between coats!  I put the black painted cardboard under the glass so I could see the transformation.

Once you’re done painting, it’s time to put everything back together.  Put the glass in first with the mirror side facing down.  Then put the painted cardboard on top, with the painted side facing down.

Use needle nose pliers to secure the nails back in place.

Flip it over and you’re done!  This is not a mirror to check your hair and make-up before you leave the house.  It’s just meant to give your decor a fun vintage vibe 🙂

I hope you liked my DIY Frosted Mirror!  Be sure to check out what my creative friends from the At Home DIY Challenge have been up to this month.   Just click on the link below to view all of this month’s projects.

Till next time!


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  1. Rebecca, I was thrilled to feature this project on Tuesday Turn About! It’s such a clever idea, and it gives people so many possibilities for thrifted (or just old) art. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I loved your project. I think it would also be great to create a moody look for Halloween; I have a daughter who loves decorating for Halloween like I love decorating for Christmas!

    1. That’s a great idea Kathy! And with Halloween right around the corner, I’m looking for some new ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I absolutely love this, Rebecca, and I’ll be featuring you at tomorrow’s Vintage Charm Party #194 and July Feature of the Month. Thanks for sharing. xo Kathleen

  4. Hi Rebecca! This is such a neat project. I wouldn’t have thought of doing frosted glass for something like this. It makes me look at some of our old framed art in a new light! Thanks for sharing it with us at Tuesday Turn About!

  5. Oh my goodness! I love this project. I am all for upcycle projects, and this one is one that I would actually use in my home. I love the vintage vibe it has and look forward to finding the right piece to transform from a local thrift store!

  6. So creative! I have a frame that I could definitely do this with. Thank you for the step by step tutorial. It came out perfect for a vintage vibe.
    Love it.

  7. I love this idea Rebecca, I’ve done something similar with a thrifted mirror. I love the smoky, kinda moody look!!

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