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DIY Christmas Gnome Garland Pottery Barn Knockoff

DIY Christmas gnome garland on a silver tree

I must admit, I’m late to the gnome making party. While gnomes have been popular for a couple of years now, I’d never made one…until today. My inspiration came from a recent Pottery Barn catalog. I just knew that I could make my own DIY Christmas Gnome Garland for a fraction of the Pottery Barn price.

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It’s time for our monthly Creative Craft Blog Hop, hosted by Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate and Andrea from Design Morsels. If you’re stopping by after a visit with Liberty from B4 and Afters, welcome! I will definitely be giving her chocolate covered snowman pretzels a try. Yum!

DIY Christmas gnome garland

I actually had everything I needed for this craft in my stash. The felt is leftover from last year’s embellished hat and mitten gift set. I bought a bag of wooden balls from Amazon months ago. I used some of them to make a garland that I used in this year’s vintage inspired neutral Thanksgiving tablescape.

werewolf hand costume with faux fur

I didn’t have any faux fur on hand, but I got creative. I “borrowed” some fur from this item in our Halloween box. You can even see where I cut off a piece lol!

How to Make a DIY Christmas Gnome Garland

supplies to make a diy Christmas gnome garland


  • wooden balls (large for the head, small for the nose)
  • 1 sheet of decent quality felt
  • faux fur
  • pom poms (large and tiny) in holiday colors
  • scissors
  • metal florist wire
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • embroidery floss and embroidery needle
  • small amount of fiberfill
cutting a strip of faux fur
applying glue to a strip of faux fur
attaching a strip of faux fur to a wooden ball with hot glue to make a diy Christmas gnome garland

Step 1.

Cut a small strip of faux fur and glue it to the center of a large wooden ball.

wrapping a piece of felt around a wooden ball
marking and measuring a piece of felt
cutting out a piece of felt

Step 2.

Wrap the felt around the ball and add about a 1/2 inch extra. Mark the spot and then measure the size you’ll want for the hats. Mine was 3 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. Cut out the felt rectangles.

trimming the corner on a piece of felt
cutting felt to make a diy Christmas gnome hat

Step 3.

Fold the hat in half lengthwise and cut off a small corner of the unfolded side on a curve. Then cut the felt at a 45 degree angle up towards the folded top to form a point.

attaching a felt gnome hat to a wooden ball
hot gluing a gnome hat to a wooden ball

Step 4.

Open the hat and position it on the front of the gnome. Hold it in place with a dab of hot glue. Make sure the seam of the faux fur is covered by the hat. Lay the hat down and apply hot glue to the bottom of the hat. Attach it to the wooden ball.

putting fiberfill inside a felt gnome hat
cutting a piece of floral wire

Step 5.

Put a tiny bit of fiberfill into the top of the hat. Then measure and cut a length of floral wire the size of the hat.

pinching together the sides of a felt gnome hat
gluing together the sides of a felt gnome hat

Step 6.

Put the wire into the hat and pinch the hat closed. Apply hot glue to one side of the hat and fold over the other side. The top should form a point. This is the hardest part. It helps to use a toothpick to hold the sides down and to avoid getting burned.

attaching a red pom pom to a felt gnome hat
attaching a wood bead nose on a diy Christmas gnome
four completed diy Christmas gnomes for a garland

Step 7.

Hot glue a tiny pom pom onto the top of the hat. Then hot glue a tiny wood ball onto the front of the hat to make a nose. Bend the hats over (that’s what the wire is for) Done! Continue making gnomes until you have enough for your garland.

diy Christmas gnome garland laid out on a counter
threading a red pom pom with an embroidery needle
threading a gnome with an embroidery needle

Line up your gnomes and large pom poms on a table to plan how you’d like the garland to look. Cut a length of embroidery floss and thread the embroidery needle. Then thread the pom poms and gnomes onto a garland in your desired arrangement. Put the needle through the bottom of the gnome’s hat (that’s what the fiberfill is for).

diy Christmas gnome garland strung on a wall

This garland looks cute strung across a mantel or on a tree.

diy Christmas gnome garland on a silver tree

I hope you like it! Now go check out the crafts that my friends have created this month. The links to the blogs are below. Next on the hop is my friend Debbee from Debbee’s Buzz. She is the hostess extraordinaire and I can’t wait to see her Thanksgiving favors!

Until next time!


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  1. Rebecca, This is so darn cute! I have only made one gnome, myself, an evergreen one for outdoors last year. I love all of the gnomes, and these little tiny ones turned into a cute little garland is perfect! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I have a feeling these little gnomes won’t be my last. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend!

  2. Adorable Rebecca! These are so cute in a garland with your pomp poms too! So happy to be hopping with you again β™₯

  3. I’m always late to all the parties too– especially the burlap party…. and the gnome party…. but I do love garlands! I won’t say never : ). I’m even late to the red truck party. Oh well– I’ll just make my own parties! : )

  4. Great tutorial. I have had the best time this year making all kinds of garlands; this is one I want to add to my repetoire–while I still have poms poms left. Have a great stash of wooden beads–that I thot were destined to be angel heads!

  5. How cute Rebecca!! Gnomes are popping up everywhere these days and they always make me smile!! The garland is adorable, watch out Pottery Barn, you’ve got competition!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! Coming from you, that’s quite a compliment! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too, my friend!

  6. I love a thrifty knockoff, Rebbecca, and this is darling! Happy Thanksgiving! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  7. Love these small gnomes. Not sure I will EVER work with that faux fur again, but these make me want to. They turned out so cute. Thanks for being part of the hop. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Andrea! Yes, working with faux fur can be tricky. Thank you for coordinating another fun hop. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  8. Rebecca, I like your knock-off better than PB’s —soooo cute! I got the nicest giggle seeing what you had savaged for the fur, lol. I’ve missed the gnome party too. When I was a kid it was all about trolls. Back then, I made all kinds of clothing and costumes for it. Sure wish I still had mine somewhere!

    1. Thanks Debbee! I was really happy with how they came out. I included the photo of the Halloween prop because it makes me laugh, too! When I was a kid, we had smurfs! I bet your troll clothes were adorable!

  9. I’m even later to the gnome party; have never made one either but I’m pretty crazy about yours. I think I’ll take inspiration from you and take the plunge too. Love how the garland turned out; great idea and so cute!

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