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Woodland Christmas Tablescape Inspired by Deer

Today is December 1st, so the countdown to Christmas has begun! I strung up an Advent Calendar in my daughter’s room, and she’s been anxiously awaiting the beginning of December. I’m going to mark the occasion by sharing my Woodland Christmas Tablescape.

I’m happy to once again join my table stylist friends for the Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop, graciously hosted by Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate.

My inspiration for the table came from these paper mâché deer. I bought the pair at Joann Fabrics during the Black Friday sale two years ago. I knew they would make a great centerpiece. I’ve previously used them for my Self Service Holiday Drink Station and last year’s Rustic Plaid Woodland Christmas Tree.

I knew I wanted to use this fabulous pinecone fabric that I had in my stash. I had to hem the raw edges. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough to cover the table, so I put it down on the diagonal.

The transferware plates belong to my 88 year old mother-in-law. These are her everyday plates that she let me borrow. They are The Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers. I love how they coordinate with the tablecloth!

I made the napkins using a deer stencil from A Maker’s Studio with brown paint. I cinched them at the top with acorn napkin rings that were also used in my Vintage Inspired Neutral Thanksgiving Tablescape.

I love the look of evergreen placemats, but I’ve been unable to find them. So, I improvised and cut some fresh cedar branches from my yard and tucked them under the plates! Voila!

The flatware was tied casually with jute twine.

Two Dollar Tree mini trees are displayed at opposite ends of the table. I covered the plastic bases with burlap.

I put together two simple arrangements of evergreens and holly in these green glass urns.

The green wine glasses are from Dollar Tree.

The birch log candle holder was a thrift store find.

The final touch was a smattering of pinecones on the table.

I hope you enjoyed my Deer Inspired Woodland Christmas Tablescape. I had a lot of fun setting this table! Now be sure to check out all of the other lovely tables below!

Until next time!


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  1. Rebecca, I love your gorgeous pine cone fabric you used as your foundation for your table. Turning it on the diagonal was genius and it’s perfectly paired with your MIL’s JB Friendly Village! Your branches layered over your rattan mats add a wonderful woodland note, along with your birch log candle holder. I love your wonderful deer too! As always it’s a joy to join you at the table. Wishing you a Merry December and Christmas season

  2. You didn’t miss a beat with the Woodland theme. How cute are the paper mache reindeer and lucky you to have the pinecone fabric in your stash. So kind of your MIL to loan you the transferware, they are a perfect match. The black napkins with pinecone motif are so unique and kudos to you for stenciling them. Thank goodness for $ stores and their affordable holiday items. Wishing you and your family a peaceful, safe, and Happy Holiday season.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! Yes, the dollar stores are a blogger’s dream! It’s so fun to find items in there to use for tablescapes and crafts.

    1. Oh my gosh, Jill…that’s quite a compliment! Thank you! I’m so glad you stopped by. There is so much inspiration on these tablescape hops!

  3. Your table looks so natural and warm. It looks so pretty with your tree. I love that you borrowed the plates and that she uses them every day. That’s so cute. The twine around the silverware is so simple, but so cute. It’s always fun to see your rooms and tables.

    1. Thanks so much, Andrea! I just knew the plates would be perfect for this tablescape theme. These tablescape hops are so much fun! I’m so glad you’ve joined in this year!

  4. Such a pretty, evocative table! I love the fabric you used for your tablecloth. Was that a recent purchase? The table is so warm and inviting. I’m inspired. Years ago, at CTS, I purchased four plates with a raised pinecone border that would look so great with a similar tablecloth. I’ll have to keep my eyes out. A really fantastic tablescape.

    1. Hi Lauren! I bought the fabric many years ago at a screenprint manufacturer warehouse sale. I sure wish I had more of it! It’s one of my favorite prints. I love shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop, too! The pinecone border plates you got there sound lovely! I have a thing for pinecone motifs, myself. Thanks for the sweet comments 🙂

  5. Beautiful….. Rebecca! And I love the unexpected which is your lovely tree reflected in the window…
    I am in awe of your woodland table…I feel we are sitting at an outdoor setting and all we need is a fire.
    The borrowed dishes are amazing to be in such great shape since they are used for everyday use. It goes to show how our older generation value and take such good care of such things. They don’t know of a throw-a-way world. Your creativity never ceases to surprise me. Thanks for blog hopping, it is always fun.hugs and blessings

    1. Thanks Kari! I’m so glad I put the tree up…it really did add to the woodland ambiance. Yes, my MIL has taken good care of her dishes. I’ve been admiring them at her house for years. I can’t wait to show her how they look on the tablescape! I’m so happy to be hopping with you again, my friend!

  6. Such a heart warming table. the woodland theme is so pretty with natural elements. I love the wood deer and the flatware tied with twine. The birch log candle holder fits in perfectly and looks amazing. How cute the napkins are. The scattering of pine cones is lovely. We can find pine cones here around our home. The dollar trees are so cute with the burlap. Truly a wonderful table to celebrate the holidays.

  7. Oh Rebecca, when I caught my first glimpse of your table, it was the tablecloth that drew me in!! I immediately thought, ‘I don’t use enough tablecloths’. Then, of course I read that it was fabric you had. I have got to get more creative in that way. That fabric is BEAUTIFUL. It really did set the scene for your lovely woodland table. The little trees, that thrifted candleholder, your stenciled napkins, all of it says woodland! I hope your family has a lovely Christmas!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I got that fabric years ago from a screen printing manufacturer that opened to the public a couple of days a week to sell fabric seconds. It was all designer fabric that was sold for a song! My mom and I would go and we’d always buy more than we should, but it was so fun! Unfortunately, it closed some time ago, but I still have quite a bit of fabric. I knew that print was perfect for my woodland theme, even though it doesn’t cover the table. I’m a little obsessed with pinecones lol!

  8. Rebecca, I love the deer and woodland table. The pine cone fabric is so lovely, I love the colors. The Friendly Village transferware is so perfect for your table. The tied twine on the flatware is a nice detail that works so well with your theme. I agree with Ann, I feel as though I have had a beautiful walk through a winter pine forest. It is always a joy to hop with you. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season!

  9. Rebecca, what wonderful ideas in your deer tablescape. I am amazed with your deer head napkins. What a great way to tie it into the deer centerpiece. The simple Dollar Tree mini trees with burlap tree skirts are so adorable. I have cut cedar branches from my own yard too to adorn a table. It works beautifully and I was surprised on how they keep on the table without turning color or losing their needles. They look fantastic on table with your pine cone table topper and your mother-in-law’s Village dishes. They go so well together with your pieces. I feel so much like I am out in the woods. Happy Holidays!

  10. Rebecca, there’s so much to love about this table! The fabric is perfect, and the diagonal kicks it up bit, I think. Love the Friendly Village. I’ve said this over and again, that pattern is still so very popular that if you think you want it and see it priced right, you better snag it! How special that yours is your grandmother’s. The live greens under the place settings – better than placemats! And those DT glasses, which I also have, are very versatile. Those trees – DT this year? I love them! Your entire table built on the concept of the papier mache deer was carried out to perfection. The crafted napkins are sharp too. I love that this table could easily gro from Thanksgiving through Christmas – timeless fall/winter look. I love being with you on Chloe’s tablescape hops. You always spark my vintage creativity and more. Happy December.

    1. Thank you, Rita! Yes, I got the mini trees at DT this year. Now I wish I’d bought more! Last year, I found them in white, too. Again, I should’ve bought more of them. I agree that this table could easily transition past Christmas through the winter. I had to take it down, though, because my daughter and her friend use the dining room as their virtual learning classroom. I will set it up again, though! You spark my vintage creativity too, my friend!

  11. Rebecca, I love your grandmother’s charming English Village transferware plates. They make me feel all warm and cozy. They look so pretty on the woodland fabric with your rustic accents of birch candle holders, deer stenciled napkins, pinecones, burlap , paper mache deer, and fresh greenery.

  12. Rebecca, your table is an absolute stunner — I love it! Especially interesting to see how we both used the same theme and styled totally unique tables. So many wonderful details about your festive table. That fabric really is special and perfect when paired with the fresh greens and pinecones. It must smell divine in your dining room! The deer stenciled napkins are really special.

    1. Thanks so much, Debbee! The creativity in our group amazes me…we all have our own style and unique interpretations of similar themes.

  13. Your table is so beautiful! The deer theme is so perfect for this time of year and I love how you added all the greenery to give that forest feel. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season!

  14. Rebecca, you captured the very essence of a woodland scene in your tablescape. Very smart and budget friendly to use cuttings for the chargers. I’m in love with Johnson Brothers dishes – especially the set you borrowed.
    The bit of fabric works, and the deer template napkins you made add to the cozy woodsy feel you were going for.
    Lots of inspiration here my friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Rachelle! I love Johnson Brothers dishes, too. My everyday plates are pink Old British Castles. They’re so timeless! It was so fun to style my table with my MIL’s beautiful plates!

  15. Rebecca, your woodland inspired tablescape is just gorgeous, and that twinkling Christmas tree in the background creates such a beautiful setting. You have so many pretty elements scattered about your table and Friendly Village is one of my favorite patterns. Happy December, and I hope that you have a most joyous Christmas season!

    1. Thanks Shannon! I think Friendly Village is beloved by a lot of people. Wishing you a joyous Christmas season, too 🙂

  16. Rebecca, your woodland table has a beautiful rustic charm to it. I love your details like the twine tied flatware and the birch log candle holder , which was a nice find! Your table looks perfect with your tree as a backdrop. All the natural elements and textures gives me the sense of walking through a winter pine forest. I hope you have a very peaceful Christmas season 🎄

    1. Thank you Ann! I’m so glad I set up the tree in the dining room this year…it really compliments the tablescape. I hope you have a joyful and peaceful Christmas with your family.

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