Craft Room Reveal -$100 Room Challenge

Craft Room Reveal of organized shelves with a daybed and oil painting

Hooray! I’m finally done with this project and I’m ready to share my Craft Room Reveal! It’s taken much longer than planned, but I’m thrilled with my new organized Craft Room. I’m happy to say that I stayed under the $100 budget, too.

If you missed my first three Craft Room posts, you can still catch up below! (Yes, I missed week #3 LOL)

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If you’re new here, the $100 Room Challenge is hosted by Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry twice a year. She and a group of DIY Bloggers update one room in their homes in one month with a budget of just $100. You can read more about the challenge HERE.

Before we get to the Craft Room reveal, let’s take another look at how the space looked pre-makeover. Remember this?

messy craft room shelves
unmade daybed and disorganized craft room shelves
white bureau with a tv on top

The hardest part of this challenge was sorting through and organizing all of my stuff. I took everything out and put it all in piles around the room to assess what I had. Then I categorized the piles of items to determine how they would be stored.

craft room supplies being sorted on tables
craft room supplies being sorted through on tables
disorganized craft room

Please excuse the poor quality photos…it was dark and rainy out that day! From there, I made note of how many storage containers I needed. I shopped my house first and rounded up a few that I could use. I decided to use all clear storage bins so that I can see the contents and to give everything a unified look.

storage bins and shoe organizers purchased from Walmart to organize a craft room

I spent most of my budget at Walmart…I bought 2 large bins and 8 small bins. I also purchased a floor shoe organizer for my spools of ribbon and an over the door shoe organizer for my cans of spray paint.

an organized shelf with fabric and clear bins is part of a craft room reveal

Here’s the full length view of the shelves to the left of the daybed. Before, everything was randomly stuffed on the shelves and the fabric was a mess!

organized craft room shelf with sewing machine and clear bins

The bottom shelf holds my sewing machine and notions as well as buttons and a bin of shells and pinecones. The shelf above has glitter, embroidery floss and yarn, my bow maker, skirt maker and my largest bin…miscellaneous craft stuff.

neatly folded stacks of fabric in a craft room reveal

The middle shelves hold my (now) neatly folded stacks of fabric.

wreath forms in a bin on a shelf in an organized craft room

The top bin has all of my wreath forms.

craft room reveal of organized shelves with clear bins labeled with their contents

Here are the shelves to the right of the daybed.

bin of various craft projects in different stages of completion

The bottom bin holds items that I’m planning to work on for the blog and/or my antique booth. This is the only bin that doesn’t look very “tidy”.

clear bins of paint and painting supplies in an organized craft room

Above are two large bins with paint and painting supplies.

craft room reveal of organized clear bins and other storage solutions

The two middle shelves hold string and twine, birds, nests and eggs, tools (scissors, staplers, etc), felt, pom poms and feathers, glue and hot glue guns, and rope, jute and burlap. I put all of my thread into a vintage fish bowl. It may not be the most practical, but I love how it looks! I have mini decorative items (animals, Christmas, bridal, etc) in the two small storage drawers.

clear bins filled with craft supplies in an organized craft room

The top shelf has Christmas decor and floral arranging supplies.

Cricut Maker set up on a table in an organized craft room

My new Cricut Maker has it’s own desk. I can’t wait to learn how to use it! I’d love to make some labels to replace the ones I did with a Sharpie.

shoe rack being used as ribbon storage in an organized craft room

The shoe rack works great for ribbon storage! I thought it wouldn’t be large enough, but instead I have space to spare. I tried to arrange the ribbon by color.

DIY chalk board with weekly to do list and a bulletin board in an organized craft room

I set up my chalkboard with tasks to accomplish each day of my work week. This space will be an evolving work in progress as I’ll regularly add new items for inspiration.

white dresser used to hold craft supplies in a craft room

I still have plenty of space in the dresser! I just used two drawers for stencils and faux florals.

open dresser drawer full of stencils
open dresser drawer full of faux florals in an organized craft room

I put the shoe organizer on the back of the door…I have more spray paint that needs to come up from the basement.

over the door shoe rack used to hold spray paint in an organized craft room

Here’s the breakdown of what I spent on my Craft Room Reveal:

  • 2 tension rods – $6.34
  • 2 (12) quart storage bins – $17.96
  • 8 small storage boxes – $10.96
  • over the door shoe organizer – $4.88
  • floor shoe rack – $36.94

TOTAL (including tax) : $81.57

I hope you enjoyed my craft room reveal! What seemed like an overwhelming task wasn’t bad once I got started. If you’ve got a messy craft room, take it from me…you can get it organized! I’m so glad I took on this challenge. Many thanks to Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry for once again coordinating the $100 Room Challenge 🙂

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  1. So… here I am posting about the NEXT $100 Room Challenge, and it occurs to me that I think I missed reading the last couple posts from January. Ugh! (Better late than never, I guess). Your craft room looks awesome. It must feel so nice to have everything organized and labeled… and you can in under budget! I am so happy you participated in the challenge, and my apologies with being, like, 6 months late in commenting.

  2. Rebecca, finally getting back to view this post!

    You did a great job getting ever single item organized. It must feel wonderful to walk into that room and cast an eye over all the ribbon, fabric, paints, brushes and every item having it own place.
    I too love the fish bowl full of thread – and the sign that says drink more water and take a walk. That last part made me giggle because I write that kind of message down as well!

  3. That must have been a daunting task to tackle but it looks great and I’m sure you found stuff you forgot you had and got inspired! Think of the time you’ll save now that everything is labeled!

    1. You have no idea, Pamela LOL! It’s been somewhat life changing…I wasted so much time looking for stuff! It was so worth it!

    1. Thank you Carol! I’m so excited to start using my Cricut! Now I need to set aside some time to learn how to use it 😉

  4. I love the idea of putting the spray paint in the over the door organizer. How clever! Your craft room looks so organized now. I would never leave!

  5. It looks great! Clear storage bins are my go to also…Love the shoe organizer for your ribbons, great job!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! I’m so happy with how it turned out. I remember you asked about the artwork above the daybed…I didn’t paint it myself but bought it at an estate sale. An elderly woman was downsizing and didn’t have room for it at her new home. She was torn about parting with it, though, because her friend had painted it for her. I assured her that I would give it a good home. I think it looks perfect in my craft room!

  6. It’s great that you have an organized space to work in now! It helps so much with time management since you won’t have to search for what you want. Great job!

    1. Thanks Beverly! I was wasting SO much time before looking for stuff. Getting this room done was such an accomplishment for me!

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