Craft Room Makeover Week #2 – $100 Room Challenge

Welcome back to the second week of the $100 Dollar Room Challenge! My craft room makeover is off to a great start. In case you missed my craft room organization preview post, you can catch up HERE.

The rules are simple…a group of DIY bloggers have one month and a budget of $100 to make over one room of their home. This challenge is the brain child of Erin from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry. You can read more about how she started this twice yearly challenge HERE.

This week I started work on the space above the dresser that I’m using for craft storage. As I face this wall while seated at my craft table, it’s the focal point of the room. I want it to look attractive but also be functional and inspiring.

before photo

My first craft room makeover project was to paint the trim on my 3×2 foot thrifted bulletin board. I will use it to display photos, fabric swatches and other things that inspire my creativity. These bulletin boards are easy to come by at thrift shops and tag sales. I also used a large bulletin board to display artwork as part of my daughter’s Ballerina Bedroom Makeover.

Inspiration bulletin board for craft room makeover being prepped for trim paint with painter's tape.

First I taped off the trim with Frog Tape painter’s tape.

Painting the trim white of an inspiration bulletin board for a craft room makeover

Then I painted the trim with 2 coats of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in Fluff.

The next project was to make a chalkboard. I plan to use the chalkboard as a blog content calendar and a place to jot down notes and ideas.

Painting a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint to create a DIY chalkboard

I simply painted a 4×2 foot piece of plywood with 2 coats of Rustoleum Chalk Board paint. I had bought the plywood to make my DIY Rope Spool Plant Stand, but didn’t end up using it. I didn’t return it because I just knew that it would come in handy for another project!

DIY chalkboard, bulletin board, vintage mail sorter and cubbies atop a dresser

And here is how it looks so far! I need to season the chalkboard, but the paint needs at least four days to dry first. This is done by completely covering the board with chalk and then wiping it off. If you don’t season a chalkboard before you use it, the first things you write will get “burned” into the chalkboard. You’ll never be able to completely erase those images, so always season your chalkboards!

Vintage mail sorter and cubbies used for a craft room makeover

I put my vintage mail sorter on top of the dresser and stacked a storage cubby above. The cubby was a Habitat ReStore score a few years ago. I’m not sure yet what I’ll store in these, but I know it will become clear once I start going through all the stuff! Speaking of the ReStore, I went there this week but they didn’t have any peg board 🙁 If the budget allows, I may buy a sheet at retail price and put it above the Cricut desk.

DIY chalkboard, bulletin board, vintage mail sorter and cubbies atop a dresser in a craft room makeover

I’m pretty happy with how this came together, especially since I didn’t need to buy anything. See, there are some benefits to being a hoarder LOL! For the reveal, I’ll have things written on the chalkboard and photos posted on the bulletin board. That will give it a finished look.

Next week, I’ll be working on curtains and a mattress cover for the daybed. I hope you can stop back to see the progress of my craft room makeover. Now be sure to check out below what my blogger friends have been up to with their projects!

Until next week!


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  1. Just painting the trim of the board really made a big difference! It is looking great so far!

  2. You are really getting organized! I am most impressed with your finds at the habitat store! I have the worst luck when visiting local thrift stores. It might be because we have so many low income people move here every week and they rely on those stores for the basics. In that case, I would prefer they get those things rather than me.

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