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DIY Fall Tiered Tray Decor Ideas

DIY Fall Tiered Tray

I’m a bit late with my Fall decor this year. I’ve made a Fall Wreath and a Pumpkin Truck Sign, but that’s it so far. But, it’s still not too late! Today I’m sharing my easy DIY Fall Tiered Tray Decor.

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DIY cake pan tiered tray

Here is my Cake Pan DIY Tiered Tray that I made over a year ago. You can visit this post to learn how to make one. It’s pretty small and therefore it doesn’t take much to fill it up. I just gathered some items that I had on hand to use as decor.

Indian corn, pinecones, apple, jute twine, copper bell, faux flowers, glitter pumpkin, and squash planter
  • Indian corn
  • Pinecones and/or acorns
  • Faux Fall florals and apples
  • Spool of jute twine
  • Amber glass vase
  • Copper bell
  • Squash pottery planter or gourd
  • Small pumpkin
  • Candle
styling a Fall themed tiered tray

How to Style a DIY Fall Tiered Tray

Styling a tiered tray is fun and quite easy! Just follow these rules of thumb:

  • Choose a color palette, like I did with these muted shades of Fall. You can also try a neutral theme, or black & white, pastels, etc.
  • Use an odd number of items on each tier – the top tier has a pumpkin, a vase with flowers, and a trio of Indian corn (which grouped together counts as one item). The bottom tier has five items.
  • Arrange the taller items on top, in this case the vase and Indian corn.
  • Once you decide upon a pleasing arrangement, fill in the bare spaces with pinecones and/or acorns.
  • Try to round up as many unique and vintage items as you can from around the house to use in your tray. It saves money and makes your tiered tray look more interesting!
Indian corn, pinecones, glitter pumpkin and small amber vase with faux flowers

The amber vase is vintage and I’ve had it for years. I filled it with some faux flowers I had left over from last year’s Thanksgiving Tablescape.

Indian corn, pinecones, glitter pumpkin, apple, copper bell and candle

The glitter pumpkin is from Dollar Tree.  I used one just like it on my Fall Wreath last year.  I scored the ears of mini Indian corn at an estate sale. 

Jute twine, copper bell, apple, woodland candle and pinecones

The faux apple, roll of jute twine and copper bell are all thrifted items. Stay on the lookout for seasonal and unique items to use as decor all year long!

DIY Fall tiered tray

The yellow squash is a vintage pottery planter that has been in my stash for years. I turned it upside down, and you can see that it’s marked USA. The Woodland Candle is one of my early blog DIY projects.

DIY Fall tiered tray

I love my DIY Fall Tiered Tray! Now I need to decorate my tiered tray for every season!

DIY cake pan tiered tray filled with cupcakes on a Spring tablescape

Here it is filled with cupcakes for a Spring Tablescape

I’ve also decorated it for Easter and The 4th of July.

I hope this gave you some Fall tiered tray styling ideas! If you’re looking for some Halloween tiered tray inspiration, check out this post from my friend Michelle of Our Crafty Mom.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Rebecca ­čÖé

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  1. I am all about tiered trays right now, they are so much fun! You’ve given me some grate ideas for my next one!! Thanks Rebecca, yours are so pretty!

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