Window Box Flowers Tips and Tricks

Nothing adds curb appeal to your home like beautiful window box flowers! Learn how to create these charming container gardens on a budget.

What are the Best Flowers for Window Boxes?

  • The first step to choosing window box flowers is to pick a color scheme. Because the perennials in my front yard are pink, white, blue and purple, I wanted to stay in that same color family. Red and yellow flowers in the window boxes would’ve definitely clashed!
  • You’ll also need to take into account how much sun the window boxes will receive, and choose plants that will thrive in those conditions. The front of our home is part sun / partial shade, which is ideal for most sun loving plants. If you have a shady yard, no worries! You can still create beautiful window boxes with shade loving plants.
  • It’s easy to fill your window boxes with flowers if you follow the rule of adding some “thrillers, fillers and spillers“.

The thrillers are usually the tallest, largest and most colorful of the window box flowers. They are also the focal point and attention grabbers. For my boxes, I chose 3 pink petunias.

Suggested Thriller Flowers

  • Geraniums
  • Zinnias
  • Marigold
  • Begonias
  • Petunias
  • Verbena
  • Million Bells
  • Impatiens (shade)
  • Coleus (shade)

The fillers aren’t as tall, but they add color, texture and interest to the area below the thrillers. Plus, they fill in the extra space in the window box. My fillers consist of 4 blue Lobelias.

Filler Flower Ideas

  • Dusty Miller
  • Sedge Grass
  • Maidenhair Ferns
  • Lambs Ear
  • Lobelia
  • Dracaena Spike
  • Dichondra “Silver Falls”
  • Eucalyptus

Spillers drape themselves over the side of the window box, which provides a dramatic and bountiful look. My spillers are these lovely Bacopa plants that feature dainty white flowers.

Cascading Flowers for Window Boxes

  • Vinca
  • Ivy
  • Potato Vine
  • Creeping Jenny
  • Bacopa
  • Allysium

How Many Flowers Should I Plant in a Window Box?

  • Before you head to the nursery, measure your window box. Use the dimensions as a guide to determine how many plants you’ll need. My window box is about 7″ Wide x 29″ Long. I purchased 10 flowers altogether: 3 thrillers, 3 spillers and 4 fillers.
  • Don’t skimp on plants! You want to completely fill up the window box with flowers. As the flowers grow and fill out, they will look lush and amazing.
  • If you’re on a budget, avoid the pricey garden centers and hit the big box stores. I spent just $5 per plant at Walmart! Home Depot and Lowes also have a great selection at reasonable prices.

How Do You Put Flowers in a Window Box?

  • If your window boxes are empty, fill them about half full with potting soil.
  • If there is already soil in the window boxes from last year, remove half of the soil and set it aside.
  • Start by arranging the plants inside the window boxes (while they’re still in the containers) to figure where they’ll go and how you want them to look. The tall thrillers usually go toward the back and the spillers toward the front.
  • Starting with the thrillers, dig three holes in the back of the window box. Break up the roots a bit and place the plants in the holes, then fill in with dirt.
  • Next, place the three spillers in the front, using the same technique used above. Make sure the flowers trail over the side of the window box.
  • Finally, fill in any empty spaces with the four fillers.
  • The last step is to water thoroughly, and you’re done!

How Do I Care for my Window Box Flowers?

  • Caring for your window boxes is easy! Just make sure to water them often so they don’t dry out, and deadhead the spent blooms. Your beautiful window box flowers will last all summer long.
  • Once the flowers grow, they will fill up the flower boxes and look lush and bountiful!

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  1. I adore your window box filled with gorgeous flowers. Thank you for your tips for creating the perfect flower planter. Happy gardening, Kippi

  2. Beautiful! I love this post. I had always wanted a window box but never had one until we moved to our present house, about 5 years ago. (It’s actually an iron window “basket,” I guess.) I love it so much. Window boxes are such a simple way to add charm and beauty.

  3. I have always loved window boxes but have never actually tried one. Yours is absolutely beautiful Rebecca. Always a pleasure to hop with you.

  4. Your window boxes are beautiful, Rebecca! I love the beautiful variety of colors and textures you used. It is always wonderful to hop with you!

  5. Window boxes are so charming! Yours turned out perfect. Love how you broke down the flowers into filler, thriller, spiller categories- so helpful.

  6. LOVE your window boxes!! I wish I was able to have them at my house!! So I plant a lot of pots instead! Thanks for the inspiration!! Hope you are having a great week!!

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