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Halloween Tablescape Featuring Creepy Plastic Spiders

Three years ago, when I was a new blogger, I participated in my very first tablescape blog hop with a lovely group of ladies who also enjoy setting pretty tables. I have been so inspired over the years by this amazing group, and I cherish our virtual friendships. So now, three years later, I’m thrilled to be joining them again for another Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop! Many thanks to Rita from Panoply for being our gracious hostess.

This year, my theme is spiders. I decided to take a “more is more” approach to the spiders.

Fortunately, I had no trouble finding an abundant and inexpensive selection of plastic spiders in various sizes on Amazon.

centerpiece of white pumpkins, black plastic spiders and a lit taper candle on a Halloween tablescape

I also ordered from Amazon a plethora of faux white pumpkins that I’m going to use as fall window box fillers. But first, they’re making an appearance on this Halloween tablescape.

cheesecloth tablecloth covered with black plastic spiders on a Halloween tablescape

For a tablecloth, I simply used a roll of cheesecloth. I love the way it resembles cobwebs! And aren’t those realistic fake spiders?

silver charger, black dinner plate, and a vintage cream salad plate with a large black plastic spider on top

The plate stack consists of a silver charger, a black Dollar Tree dinner plate and a vintage Homer Laughlin creamware salad plate. Each place setting has a large plastic spider on top.

black spider under a glass cloche on a spider themed Halloween tablescape

The centerpiece features a spider under a glass cloche that is elevated above a wooden board table runner lined with white pumpkins.

black water glass from Dollar Tree

The black water glasses are from Dollar Tree.

tarnished silver plate water pitcher

This tarnished silver plate water pitcher is a church sale find.

black spider under a glass cloche amid white pumpkins on a spider themed Halloween tablescape

I love the contrast of the black spider decorations against the white pumpkins.

centerpiece of white pumpkins with spiders and a glass cloche overtop a black plastic spider on a Halloween tablescape

I hope you didn’t find my plastic spiders too creepy! It’s definitely put me in the mood for Halloween. If you like spooky decor, check out this Vintage Style Halloween Vignette that I created last year.

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  1. Spiders are my worst nightmare, so this table is off the charts spooky for me! I love the cheesecloth table cover, and would never have though to use faux pumpkin in my window boxes! That is a tip I will definitely be using! I do love how you have used such a great variety of spiders all placed strategically around the table! As much as it makes my skin crawl, I really think it is awesome!!

  2. This hop circuit is where I met you, Rebecca, and we’ve connected not only on the tablescaping, but also our love of vintage. This table totally delivers on the scare factor for anyone who has an aversion to spiders, perfectly. I know a few guests who’d rather set a torch to the table than the candles, that’s how afraid they are, lol. Love the faux pumpkins and your idea for furthering their use. Getting mileage from our props is what it’s all about. The somewhat tarnished silver pitcher works great on this table, and it’s my preferred look for vintage silver. Thanks so much for continuing on this blog hop, I love your company.

  3. Such spooky fun Rebecca! Your spider infestation gives my chills and using the cheesecloth was genius! Happy to be hopping with you again, Happy Halloween!

  4. Rebecca, this tablescape really shows how you can take a very charming and elegant tablescape for Fall and turn it into something creepy for Halloween just by adding an array of spiders and gauze fabric. I really love it. The spiders are every where on your table. They took over and infested such a pretty table. It certainly adds an element of creepiness, don’t they? In fact, all of your spider friends would enjoy meeting up with Ferdinand. He loves all of his spider friends!

  5. Rebecca, the spiders don’t look plastic. They definitely have a spooky look. The cheesecloth is an excellent idea and I love that you will get dual use out of the faux white pumpkins. I can never walk outside during the fall that I don’t walk into a spiderweb…Yikes! It is always a treat to hop with you!

  6. Using cheesecloth as a table cover is a great idea! Loving the black & white color palette and those cute creepy spiders. The tarnished silver plate water pitcher was a great find and fun addition to your table. Happy Halloween!

  7. Rebecca, this spider~themed Halloween tablescape is so darn cute. I mean, spiders aren’t my favorite thing, but I would love to have a fun meal at your table. The color scheme is perfect for Halloween. Love the use of lanterns and cheesecloth as a tablecloth. Happy Halloweening.

  8. Rebecca, your spider infestation is definitely creepy and a great theme for the occasion!! You must have had fun ordering every kind of spider imaginable!! I love the all white pumpkins and the cheesecloth table cloth!! This is such a great group of ladies and I am thrilled to be hopping with you! I hope you have a fun Halloween!!🎃

  9. Using the cheesecloth for a table covering is an inspired choice! Invasion of the spiders is a dreadful thought, perfect for Halloween ambiance. (And uncomfortably close to the invasion of 4-inch long spiders that Georgia is currently experiencing.) Shivering all over!!

  10. Rebecca, your table is definitely spooky for me. I have a spider phobia since being bitten by a Brown Recluse in my early twenties that sent me to hospital for two weeks. 😂😂😂 But your table is charming all the same. I’m a fan of black and white, and your details are not lost on me. Well done.
    Happy Halloween!

  11. Arachnophobias look out! Your creepy crawly table is spine chilling Rebecca. What a great job parading them all over the table, cloche, pumpkins and the ones on cheesecloth. EEK!

    Happy Halloween!

  12. Yikes Rebecca, super creepy! Using all black and white is so dramatic and effective, the spiders crawling over everything is very scary! How did we survive before Amazon?? Great spooktacular table!

  13. So creepy Rebecca. I hate spiders…LOL You have create an over the top table with the spiders looking so real. They look great against the white pumpkins. love the cheesecloth idea, looking like a web. It’s been great to hop along with you on these fun tablescape hops.

  14. Rebecca, love your dramatic and boo-tiful black and white Halloween tablescape! You may have gone for more is more on the spiders and pumpkins, but I love the stark color simplicity of your styling too. It’s striking! A great choice to use the cheesecloth as a table covering too. I got a chuckle out of your tarnished water pitcher as I have the exact same one! Mine was a wedding gift! I paired it with spider web and a rhinestone wearing rubber rat last year for Halloween. I have been marbleizing faux white pumpkins this year (its addictive), and can’t wait to see what you do with yours.

  15. I totally have the willies with all those spiders! I mean…if they looked more fake I’d be OK. Some of those are just a little TOO realistic!!! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Using them in great abundance is a great idea and lends an Orwellian (Animal Farm) feel. Color me 100% creeped OUT…in a good way!😉

    Cheesecloth! What a perfectly perfect idea! It lends just the right spooky factor! The tarnished pitcher is a fun touch, too. Who has time to polish silver in the afterworld?😀

    Nicely done! I am visiting via the blog hop. Have a wonderful week!

  16. Rebecca you have become a wonderful addition to our blog hops. Your talent at table styling has been a wonderful asset and we enjoy your take on styling a table. I like the contrast of black spiders and white pumpkins and placing a large spider on each plate is perfect. You are right…the spiders on the cheesecloth do look realistic. I am feeling a sensation of creepy-crawly on my skin right now. 🙂 Have a great and blessed day.
    Kari @ Me and my Captain

  17. Love this Rebecca! Those spiders really are quite realistic! I love the one in the glass cloche that’s part of your centerpiece too. Perfect! Your tarnished pitcher was a wonderful find and adds so much to the look. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great day.

  18. Very clever! I love the cheesecloth on the table because it truly looks like a spider’s web. I also like the way the black spiders pop off the white plates and the white pumpkins. Great find at the church sale…I’m never that lucky, LOL! The cloche with the large spider as the centerpiece is cute, too. Happy Halloween!

    Ricki Jill

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