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Dollar Tree Linen Closet Organization

You don’t need to live with a messy and cluttered closet when you can create a Dollar Tree Linen Closet! You will love this stylish and budget friendly makeover that can be completed in an afternoon.

Welcome to another round of inspiration from The Thrifty Style Team! This month includes some wonderful Valentine’s Day decor. January makes me want to organize, so I decided it was finally time to tackle my linen closet (on the cheap, of course!) Many thanks to our hostess, Julie from Redhead Can Decorate, for bringing this creative group together every month. Be sure to visit all of my blogger friends at the end of this post for lots of thrifty decorating ideas!

How to Organize a Dollar Tree Linen Closet

Yikes! My linen closet was a disaster! The first step was to take everything out and purge items that were worn out and not being used. I actually filled a huge contractor trash bag with towels, sheets and blankets that went to Goodwill.

Next, I went to Dollar Tree to find some containers. I knew I needed something to corral medications.

I purchased four red baskets and two round laundry baskets. I also used containers from Dollar Tree when I organized my pantry a few years ago. I’m proud to say that it’s still organized!

I was excited to find this black and white toile contact paper and the chalkboard tags. I also purchased some over the door hooks.

The next step was to go through the medications and other miscellaneous items lurking inside the closet. I disposed of a lot of expired medications and some random items we don’t use or need.

I love how tidy everything looks in the red bins. The labels make it so easy to find what we’re looking for.

I folded the sheets, towels and blankets and neatly stacked them on the shelves. I kept them with like colors for visual interest.

My fabulous wool blankets and the flannel sheet sets went on the very top shelf.

The laundry baskets were perfect for toilet paper and beach towels.

I put a knitted throw on the door hooks, but this would also be a great place to store a broom and dustpan.

And here is the final reveal. What a difference! I enjoy opening this door now 🙂 I only had enough contact paper to cover two shelves, and I used just three of the four baskets. Can you believe I spent less than $10 on my Dollar Tree Linen Closet?

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    1. Its amazing what a few dollar store supplies can do. It looks so much better and with the dollar store as you can afford to have all the container collars match. Huge difference I bet you just love it, I would.

    2. Rebecca…this is brilliant! You have inspired me BIGTIME!!! We just moved to an apartment, so I have been trying to figure out how to do the linen closet in my bathroom. I had no idea you could put tac paper on wire shelves. Life changing!! Also…the labels…ahhh, I just love it!

    3. Such great tips! Perfect to get all of my family medicines organized for those months where colds are about to be prevalent. Stay well! xoxo, kristi

    4. So many great tips, Rebecca, and your closet looks great. I have that same black and white toile contact paper. I used it to cover an Amazon box and I keep my Cricut rolls in it.

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