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5 Easy Dollar Tree Faux Succulent Decor Ideas

5 faux succulent decor ideas using Dollar Tree succulents, vintage and natural containers

Hi friends!  I hope you’re all having a great weekend!  I’m really excited to share my faux succulent decor ideas with you.  I’m a little giddy about how good these succulents look.  And they were crazy easy to make!

Let me start by saying that I’ve always preferred using live plants and florals in my decor.  But after all of the air plants I ordered recently died, I decided to look into some faux options.  My plan was to sell the air plants at my antique booth, and I’d still like to stock my booth with plants and other ancillary merchandise.

When I went to the Country Living Fair last year, one of the busiest vendors was selling faux florals and greenery.  I was struck by how realistic everything looked.  So, when I came across a box of plastic succulents at Dollar Tree, I knew I wanted to come up with my own faux succulent decor ideas.

5 different Dollar Tree faux succulents

I decided to combine some natural elements with the plastic succulents to make them look a bit more real.  My five faux succulent decor ideas will begin with the easiest and end with the most involved.

Succulent in a shell

This is embarrassingly easy…just twist off the metal clip on the succulent and place it into the shell.  That’s it!

putting a faux succulent into a shell

You can add some hot glue if you like, but I left mine alone.  It tucked right into the shell nicely and didn’t seem to be going anywhere.  I thought this succulent in particular looked like something you’d find in the ocean.

faux succulent tucked inside a shell atop a stack of old books

Succulent on a twig

This is also ridiculously easy, except you’ll definitely need to use hot glue.  Just find a nice looking twig in your yard, twist the clip off the succulent and attach it to the twig with hot glue.  Voila!

attaching a faux succulent to a twig with hot glue

This would look cute styled on a bookshelf or side table.

faux succulent glued to a twig and styled on top of a stack of old books

Succulent in a terrarium

I think this is my favorite!  The round plastic terrariums are also from Dollar Tree.  First, I simply scooped some beach sand into the bottom.

scooping sand into a terrarium to create a faux succulent decoration

After removing the metal clip, I placed the succulent inside.

placing a faux succulent inside a round hanging terrarium filled with sand

Then I added a small twig and a rock from my yard.

a twig and rock to place inside terrarium with sand and a faux succulent

Finally, I tied some jute twine to the top so it can be hung if desired.

tying a jute twine hanger to the top of a faux succulent terrarium

I think this looks so real!  I love how the plant pokes out of the hole in the side of the terrarium.

faux succulent in a round terrarium with sand, a twig and a rock

Succulent in a vintage planter

I had this cute duck planter in my stash.  I found it at a church sale for a quarter.  These types of old planters are inexpensive and easy to find.  First, I put some floral foam inside.  Mine is (dry) wet foam that I had on hand but you can also use the dry foam used for silk arrangements.  I filled in around the foam with excelsior moss.

placing floral foam into a vintage duck planter

Then I stuck a succulent into the foam.

placing a faux succulent into floral foam in a vintage duck planter

And filled in around the succulent with reindeer moss (also from Dollar Tree).

placing reindeer moss around the sides of a vintage duck planter filled with a faux succulent

I love how the succulent’s green and red tones match the colors of the planter.

faux succulent in a vintage duck planter styled on top of old books

Succulent under a cloche

I think everything looks great under a cloche, so why not a succulent?  For this project, I made my own cloche from a dollar store drinking glass.  To make a handle for the cloche, I used an unfinished wood finial from Joann Fabrics and Crafts.

package of four unfinished wood finials

First, I stained it with Gel Stain in Hazel Mahogany from A Maker’s Studio.  I’ve raved about this product before…it’s non toxic and smells like citrus.  I love that I don’t have to wear gloves or worry about fumes.  I used it on the woodland candles and the chalkboard sign projects.  If you’d like to try Gel Stain or any other Maker’s Studio products, you can order them through my friend Carol’s website blueskyathome.com.

applying stain to an unfinished small wood finial

The next step is to glue the finial to the top of the drinking glass.  I used gorilla glue and let it dry for several hours.

gluing a wooden finial to the top of a drinking glass to create a cloche

I removed the succulent from the dollar store planter.

removing a Dollar Tree faux succulent from the flower pot

Then I placed it in a tiny terra cotta planter.  I poked the stem into the drainage hole to keep it in place.

putting a faux succulent inside a mini flower pot

Next I placed the pot on an ironstone saucer and covered it with the cloche.  Very cute!

faux succulent in a small terra cotta flower pot under a cloche

I hope these faux succulent decor ideas have inspired you to give those dollar store plants a second look.  They’re zero maintenance and they can really add some style to your home!

faux succulent decor ideas includes a Dollar Tree faux succulent inside a small round terrarium with sand and a twig

Thank you for stopping by!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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    1. Thanks Lauren! It’s amazing how real the Dollar Tree succulents look. Best of all, I can’t kill them LOL!

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